5 Things I Hope Dark Souls II Doesn’t Do

So Dark Souls II, now definitely happening according to Namco Bandai, though that shouldn’t come as a surprise. Demon’s Souls, a PS3-exclusive, was one of those games that emerged from the void like a thunderclap, relied solely on critical plaudits and word-of-mouth to capture the public’s imagination

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SilentNegotiator1898d ago

This series has a really devout following. There's one of these articles every hour.

And that's because Demon/Dark Souls is awesome.

Nexgensensation1898d ago

demons souls was and is still a incredible game! and to me the game just seem a lot more life like as if the game can breathe itself.

I seen the recent trailer for dark souls 2and it seems to have a lot more variety than the previous game. Appearently dark souls 2 needs to stay hardcore, if anything they should promote stradegy guides for the casual market.

crxss1898d ago

i absolutely loved demon's souls, dark souls was amazing as well, can't wait for dark souls 2!

jerethdagryphon1898d ago

things to avoid :

socilising the game, do not allow crossgame paty chat voice chat or in pcs method 3rd party programs(can be done by scanning running programs at launch)

dont shoehorn players into playing a cirtain way

dont screw with the feel of it

dont make there a mp mode as tempting as the devs may find it

things to change, coop with friends list make it easier to find

more bows without making it ranged dependent

pandehz1898d ago

They should totally make the game more difficult.

DS2 Was kind of a walk in the park

Kos-Mos1895d ago

Wow, you`re hardcore man.

pandehz1895d ago

Im thinking of replaying it again with only one hand on controller this time