Microsoft Cuts Canadian Xbox 360 Console Prices

Reuters writes:

"Microsoft Corp announced late on Wednesday it will cut the prices of its Xbox 360 video-game consoles as it continues to battle Nintendo's Wii and Sony's PlayStation 3 for dominance of the gaming market.

Microsoft said it would cut the price of the Xbox 360 console to C$349 from C$399, while the premium Elite model with a larger hard drive would drop to C$449 from C$499. The more basic Arcade model is dropping to $279 from C$299.

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pwnsause3651d ago

they're cutting it cause they know what just happened during the last 2 weeks. it has a lot to do with the Format wars, Blu-Ray winning just made the PS3 gain more momentum, which means more sales. even though microsoft doesnt have an HD-DVD player embedded on their Xbox 360, they are feeling those effects, even though they are denying it.

etownone3651d ago

they are cutting prices because its about freakin time.... i mean, i took TWO years for the first price cut, while sony had 2 price drops in its first year.

put the arcade at $199 and the pro at $279 already!!
being a loyal 360 fan, even i can see the value of the blu-ray equipped 40 gig ps3 at $399 with 6 free blu-ray movies

rofldings3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

Eh, I'm pretty sure the price drop is due to the rising value of the Canadian dollar.

Lots of retailers have been doing this, especially with games (C$69.99 to C$59.99). US PS3 prices already match Canadian prices.

The Canadian dollar was worth more for a few months back in late 07. Right now, it's pretty much on parity.

toughNAME3651d ago

A small price cut in CANADA surely will increase sales eh?

come on sauce think before you speak

Mainman3651d ago

Arent they cutting the price, because the Canadian Dollar is gaining value compared to the US dollar?

nicholascage243651d ago

I think ps3 outsold x360 by a small margin in canada too last january.

in december last year the sales of x360 and ps3 were neck and neck in Canada.

But the question is will it help x360?

I guess not .just see Best buy's front page add

i think MS should rather add a Blu ray drive to x360. that might help sales but otherwise...........

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Rhezin3651d ago

Well that's good since everything IN Canada is expensive as hell.

toughNAME3651d ago

This isn't a price cut...this is MS finally responding to the strong Canadian Dollar

Sales will increase when the actual price cut comes

Rice3651d ago

Now i need another price cut then im gonna buy a 360...

f7ss13651d ago

lol why did you get a disagree for sayin that??

Rice3651d ago

lol why did u get 2 disagrees for that.

ravenguard883651d ago

Because this site is messed up.

Bill Gates3651d ago

Micro$haft can cut, slash, lower, or do whatever they feel necessary, but in the end, they'll still be in LAST PLACE, and will NEVER reach 25 million consoles sold....AAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA


Alcaponeyou3651d ago

the son of the devil hates the 360


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