GameSpy Ceases to Function for Older Games

Luke: "The PC multiplayer service suddenly ceased working for many older games. There was no statement issued from GameSpy, Inc, which is owned by Glu Mobile."

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Enigma_20992020d ago

Isn't online gaming wonderful?

Wenis2019d ago

Not really gamespy's fault.. its the company that bought gamespy from IGN's fault.

Axecution2019d ago

That really sucks...

Nothing worse than a game you've been playing for years with a small community suddenly going down :/

RIP Amplitude

banjadude2019d ago

I think Borderlands 1 uses Gamespy (I just recently purchased it... don't judge me!!!) on PC. So... if you guys are looking to grab the online/co-op steam achievements, that means you have to mod in splitscreen support.

jon12342019d ago

borderlands isnt really considered an older game, i think they mean games from early 2000's to late 90's maybe?

banjadude2019d ago

Oh, I see, thanks.
I thought they meant more recent games, kinda like how EA was shutting down servers for those.

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