GDC '08: Game devs terrified of sex

Game developers are frightened of sex, claims the founder of the International Game Developers Association's Sex special interest group. But Brenda Brathwaite isn't talking about nerds living in a basement who are too scared to approach a member of the fairer sex; she's talking about the lack of it in the actual games themselves.

She told the audience at her "Hentai, Hardcore, and Hotties" talk at the Game Developer's Conference that "Developers are terrified of putting sex in games in case they get an AO rating, which is the kiss of death."

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pwnmaster30003803d ago

cmon grow some balls, take a risk

Boldy3803d ago

I just hope that Fable 2 won't come under fire for the ability to have protect/unprotected sex, but this is just getting ridiculous. The media always makes such a big deal about sex in video games and game ratings with little kids being able to get their hands on rated M games, but the same exact thing could be said about TV shows and movies. A movie has an R rating but that won't stop the adults going to see the R rated movie with their kids. I didn't hear anything about the movie 300 coming under fire for a couple of sex scenes and some ACTUAL frontal nudity. But when one video game steps out of the box and it shows absolutley no actual nudity it all of a sudden comes under fire with a bunch of retards at FOX News yelling "protect our kids cuz kids are the only ones that play video games."

It just really pisses me off that games come under fire for something 10x less erotic than something off of TV or a movie.

AllroundGamer3803d ago

probably hardcore nerds... ;)

RecSpec3803d ago

It's not just video games. It is the culture here in America. Violence is no big deal, but sex is taboo. Video games are more affected by this. But the same thing applies for television too.

I'm more surprised that there is a "Hentai, Hardcore, and Hotties" talk at GDC.

fenderputty3803d ago

ever since that stupid Janet Jackson nipple gate crap at the super bowl a couple of years ago, the man has come down even harder.

name3803d ago

Balls are only neccecary for sexual purpouses.

Gaara_7243803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

balls aint needed for nothin the penis and vagina are the things needed (after a man and woman of course) y balls dont do nothin esept ejaculate (u know they carry the sperm and sperm aint needed thats y a man can go and get the snip lol spelt rong lol i think?)

dont get smart lol

rofldings3803d ago

Wtf, your testicles are what create sperm. They also help create testosterone. Without them, our species would be extinct. ;p

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