PlayStation Store Update 12/11/12

Grace Chen:

While there is plenty of new content to get your hands on this week, we’re happy to welcome Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, one of the most highly regarded entries into the GTA franchise, in to the PS2 Classics category. If you never had a chance to experience this classic, or just want to jump into the role of one of GTA’s most memorable characters once again, download it today.
Fans of Dishonored (which is finding its way to numerous Game of the Year lists already) will be excited to see the Dunwall City Trials Add-On released today as well. Take on challenges of combat, stealth, and creativity as you re-enter the foreboding city of Dunwall.

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nevin11992d ago

[email protected] $14.99 for GTA San Andreas.

Why did they skipped Vice City?

Brian1rr1992d ago

Vice city is being released on iOS and Android

brettyd1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

Yea great touch controls...should release them on vita.

guitarded771992d ago

Yeah, I saw $15 on San Andreas, and was shocked. I still have my PS2 disc so I'm good, but what makes them think they can charge that kinda money? It's not an HD upgrade, there are no new features that I know of, there is no trophy support.

guitarded771991d ago

Holy crap... 18gb for SSFIV download. I think I'm over the shock of the GTA San Andreas price.

TheRichterBelmont1992d ago

Instead of listening to fans and giving us proper HD remakes, they try to rake over their fans with a "Rockstar Tax" on their older games.

Way to treat your loyal fans.

Soldierone1992d ago

After the sell the crap out of these re-releases, they will probably make an HD release of them all and make even more money lol

MmaFan-Qc1992d ago

is Rockstar forcing you to buy it? nope.

im getting Big Sky Infinity and Black Knight Sword this week.

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