CheatCC Review: Sins of a Solar Empire - When The World Is Not Enough...

CheatCC writes: "It's not much of a stretch to imagine how much fun a turn-based strategy game can be if it could be played in real time. Of course that would defeat the function of the turn-based system. But what if a game were able to combine real-time strategy with the feel of turn-based combat? The result is Sins of a Solar Empire, an amalgam of real-time strategy and an empire building economic sim. It does get deep, but it starts out easily enough to get players of virtually any skill level hooked. Although the game does have a single-player mode, there is no campaign. It's more free style. It's possible to get your kicks with this game and never have to deal with another human player. But that would be foolish since Sins of a Solar Empire literally comes alive in the multiplayer components. There are two different multiplayer modes. One will throw you into head-to-head challenges that will typically last an hour or so. The other component is similar to a massive online multiplayer mode that could last months."

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