24 Signs Of How Far Video Games Have Come. Enough To Make You Feel Old.

Kotaku - We've already looked at the signs that show how video games have matured in the last year.

Pulling from the ESA's 2012 statistics on video gaming, BuzzFeed has put together a list of 24 signs that video games have grown up in a much more simplistic way: namely, that they're damn old now and maybe so are you.

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sdozzo1992d ago

I'm so old they had to lower the water in my toilet if you catch my drift.

CraigandDayDay1992d ago

Wow, man. That's both funny and gross at the same time. hahaha +Funny

CraigandDayDay1992d ago

I remember playing Sonic 3 all the time on my Genesis. My buddy would even bring his Sonic and Knuckles where you could put my Sonic 3 cartridge in the top of it and play as Knuckles.

Fullmetalevolust1992d ago

LOL, to be around when all 24 listed things happened does make me feel a bit old, but an experienced gamer nonetheless!
And that Pokemon stat is scary (over 649!!!)

e-p-ayeaH1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

DragonBall Z legends

This is the game that makes me old DragonBall Z was huge back then people bought Saturns just to play that game.