IGN: GDC 2008 Street Fighter IV Hands-On+Video

by Jeff Haynes:

"Ever since the first teaser trailer was shown for Street Fighter IV, we've been eager to see the game in action. Sure, getting a sneak peek at the redesigned art style of the franchise was one thing, but we couldn't wait to fling a couple of fireballs, sonic booms and launch dragon punches into the faces of unsuspecting opponents".

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solar3925d ago

i think they accidently put Zangief's legs on Chun Li. damn those are thick.

boodybandit3925d ago (Edited 3925d ago )

or she might pop your head like a zit when she gets overly excited.

Good video btw.
That super move from Abel was one of the coolest super moves I have seen in a Street fighter game. I can't wait to see them all.

ChickeyCantor3924d ago

DUDE check the web her legs were always like that ....anyone who disagrees has missed out alot on street fighter...

TruthBTold3925d ago

Lots of great games, too much money, might have to stop going out so much. Hey, is this supposed to be out for the Wii also?

IzKyD13313925d ago

i like how they chose the classic animation design instead of the traditional 3D style

REPLOID243925d ago

I was getting tired of seeing Ryu and Ken fighting on Chun Li's stage. It's gonna kick so much butt.

Skerj3924d ago (Edited 3924d ago )

OK, faith in SFIV officially restored. I have no idea wtf happened before but the gameplay looks WAY more fast and kinetic than it did in the initial videos between Ken and Ryu which made it look like super EX to me. I'm so glad the speed is there, now I can't wait again!! Also, it sounds like Hideki Okugawa is back for the soundtrack this time because the jungle music in the background is the man. I hope the soundtrack is as good as 3rd Strike's.

On a side note: whoever's playing was crossing his arms, one of my friends did that a while ago and now I do it as well. With all of these fighting games coming out I'm going to need a good joystick or a decent fighterpad (all six buttons on the face) for the PS3 now.