Gamedaily: Hands-On: Street Fighter IV

Gamedaily's Robert Workman writes: After getting our hands on Street Fighter IV, Capcom needed a crowbar to pry them off.

Today, Capcom invited GameDaily to sit down with a dedicated Street Fighter IV dual arcade cabinet for hands-on time with the game. After a few rounds, both won and lost, we found that game to be a welcome return for the series.

The gameplay feels like classic Street Fighter III: Third Strike, with slight EX Alpha modifications thrown in for good measure. Ryu and Ken take a dramatic split-second to initiate their fireball attacks, releasing them shortly thereafter in all their devastation.

As far as visuals go, we did get a look at some of the game's new backdrops. Guile's airfield is probably the most impressive of the few shown, with a full-engine jet running in the background and a few people walking about

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kornbeaner3778d ago

I can't believe out of many gamers in this forum I seem to be one of the few who are EXTREMELY excited about this game. If this game hits the few U.S. arcades, my son is gonna make many, many trips to the arcade just like I did in my youth.

Daurelus173777d ago

well ur not the only still waitin to see a lil more info. like im still a bit fiffy