Mario Kart Wii to have chat capabilities and more

Nintendo of Europe announced in a press release that Mario Kart Wii will have a chat feature in the Mario Kart Channel. For full details, click the news link.

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TruthbeTold3714d ago

Sounds like it's only for those who've exchanged friend codes, but at least it's a step in the right direction.

Mr Blings3714d ago (Edited 3714d ago )

Nintendo your really serving us up all the cotton candy and puppy dogs for us arent you...we're really getting voice chat in mario kart wii? Thats Frickin AWSOME, the wii rocks. Its 2008 people, we've had this in all xbox games since 2002. I am only allowing myself to gain one star per day in mario galaxy for fear i will never touch the system again after i finish it...I say meh' to both mario kart and brawl. rather play gt5 and soul caliber 4

I did go to gamestop and reserve "patty cake, patty cake" wii addition the other day though...that one should be mega k00l... ;-}

BrotherNick3714d ago

The wii is fun for everyone, deal with it. Plus it'll sell more than both those games.

RecSpec3714d ago

Good luck getting girls to play GT5.

DarkWish3713d ago

NO one ever said it's voice chat. It is likely text chat or something of the sort.

Mr Blings3713d ago

8 disagrees for not being blown out of the water for a chat feature in mario kart? or was it the puupy dogs and cotton candy...or was it the "patty cake Patty cake wii addition comment? A lot of things come to mind to say to all of you who disagree and have no sense of sarcastic humor, but you obviously get your panties in a bunch quite easily so I want go on a drill attack.

I have had every nintendo system to date, I'm a big fan, but I'm sorry this news is not earth shattering.

@brother nick and recspec...sorry but my fiance was interested in the wii for all of 5 minutes and hasn't wanted to play it since xmas of 06'. And usually i play games while she is watching american idol and other crap tv shows, or just when i need to get away. when looking to play a game the first thing i think of isnt whether a girl would play it or not. i spend enough time with my girl living with her, I dont need her playing games with me.

what games are fun for everyone on that system? please list. Only one that comes to mind for me is the game packaged with the system...wii sports

The way i see it, there are maybe a handful of games that appeal to the hardcore and the rest are fad piece of junk, waste your money titles. thats why I've played a whole four games (not counting wii sports) since I picked my console up at midnight launch. its also why nintendo's attach rate isn't all that high.

i know everyone is all up on brawls n*ts, thats fine and good, at least nintendo can say they have like 6-7 hardcore titles running in their stable, its just not my thing. I've always loved mario kart and will prolly pick it up, just not nearly as excited for it as I have been in years past.

Nintendo is the only company that can release the same exact game on each console and people throw money at them. Half the tracks in mario kart wii are OLD tracks. And the funny thing is you all are thinking "YES It will be awsome to play a ton of tracks that I already have on virtual console via kart 64 or mario kart ds all over again."

Maybe it's just me...I'm the bad guy. Every 8 year old feature that nintendo is finally bringing to the table i should be thankful for.

ChickeyCantor3713d ago

@mr bling
you do realize Mario kart only had 16 tracks until mario kart DS?

People aren't stupid, its preference, some rather want stuff they are familiar with, don't tell me you never bought a sequel or a game from a franchise thats like 10 years old?

stop being a freaking hypocrite and deal with it that people actually like nintendo.

Mr Blings3713d ago

What r u talking with people that like nintendo? I like nintendo...didnt you read in my post how i have had all their consoles?
All my point was, this is a feature that SHOULD be expected in 2008, and people shouldnt act like its a kodak moment for the gaming industry that nintendo are actually going to give its consumers this feature

ChickeyCantor3713d ago

then dont use irrelevant arguments/statements.

because im talking about your : " YES It will be awsome to play a ton of tracks that I already have on virtual console via kart 64 or mario kart ds all over again."

its not really about nintendo its just that your statement is pretty lame.

Mr Blings3713d ago

whats lame is that repeated tracks wasnt even what my post was was that I'm not all excited about in game chat for mario kart wii, b/c it is a standard feature in videogames in 2008 and i dont think people should be licking nintedos b*lls for adding it, it should be expected...but whatever statement was lame...let me guess you have a ds phat, ds pearl, and both the special editiion ds's as well...dork, go play cooking mama

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wiizy3714d ago

nice. its getting even better.

M_Prime3714d ago

finally.. and i know it can be done well cause in POKEMON PEARL you can voice chat when you battle people.. and there u can only battle when you exchanged friend codes. so this will be cool.. i wonder if they can patch brawl with this..

rofldings3714d ago

Why don't they put this in Brawl too?

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