The PlayStation 3 Has Silently Won This Gen

With the next gen getting ready to reveal itself, it’s just about time to look back at the last handful of years. Starting out as a marketing nightmare, the PS3 has risen to become the best system in this gaming generation.

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Irishguy952015d ago

In terms of gaming content, Sony won
They however lost horribly money wise. A shame for them, since they did actually serve the gamers the most this gen. If they have another gen(unlikely) like this the PS brand is ****ed.

They moved from first place by a huge margin, too last place.

Muerte24942015d ago

that there is a very slim chance that we will see any other console achieve the success that ps2 did. The Nintendo Wii probably had the best shot of doing so but that looks highly unlikely given the they launched Wii U. I also wouldn't say last place, according to last offical numbers released ps3 is ahead by 200k as of September 30th. Also ps3 is the only system who has yet to hit the $200.00 sweet spot. Given everything that happened with playstation this gen, the fact that they still managed to sell over 70 million in a smaller time frame than Xbox360 is astonishing. It only proves how powerful the brand name is.

MikeMyers2015d ago

You're right, it does have a strong brand. How many other game systems could have sold for $600, not have a great library of games during its first year, struggle with multiplayer games, yet still sell 10 million units during its first year.

Give credit where credit is due. Sony stuck to their guns and brought the price down. In the end they supported the real gamer more than the others.

Ezz20132015d ago

for me yes they won this gen
they come with very high price and 18 month later after xbox360 with almost no AAA games
every one remember "ps3 has no gamez"

but now they tied with xbox360 numbers
and i think by now they even passed them

they have Alot of AAA 1st party titles and more is coming

sony have all the odds aganist it
yet they mange to out on top in the end

iNathan2015d ago

There are 2 Amazing Gaming Brands right now.

Xbox and PlayStation bring great games years after years.

Sony strong with exclusive its amazing, how well they have done.

Congrats Sony.

Competition is Good, look Microsoft and Sony step their game up... Nintendo didnt anything and still lack a good online structure, they are stuck in the past and aside from sales from Casual Gamers, no true gamer gives a s*** about them anymore.

Muerte24942015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )

Next gen simply because they have an eye for talent. Media Molecule was a wonderful investment. Naughty Dog stick with Sony. I'm also pretty sure Sony is going to acquire ThatGameCompany given the immense positive reviews from "Journey". I hope they incorporate some sort of Google Now/Siri/S Voice feature into the ps4 interface. Being able to accept/deny friend request simply by saying it would be awesome. Speech to text would almost eliminate the need for a keypad. I would enjoy something like google cards inside a SEN universe.

example: "Orbis, what's the latest DLC for Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zero?"
"Orbis, launch game"
"Orbis, send message to...."
"Orbis, check for firmware update"
"Orbis, what demos where released this week?"
"Orbis, Facebook/twitter post.......(your post)"
It would make navigation of the SEN store nearly instantaneous. There would be almost little to no complaints about navigating it. It would also work with Facebook/Twitter/Youtube apps. Anyone who has ever had a smartphone would immediately know how to use. I figure if our Google Chromes/Smartphones can do it, then why not our game consoles?

ginsunuva2014d ago

It would be so much easier and less complicated and frustrating to accept a friend request by pressing X on the "ACCEPT" button.

medman2015d ago

I play my 360 more than my PS3 but there is no question I enjoy the Sony's first person titles better than those from Microsoft. Microsoft is not delivering late in the console cycle for the hardcore, and that may cost them next gen depending on the technical specs of the next system. I definitely will not be paying a monthly fee for xbox live gold, so if they don't do away with that I'm out, especially considering the advertisement bombardment they have initiated recently. Greedy company will not get my dollars, especially if Sony continues to offer a free online experience next gen and competes technically with the next console from Microsoft.

Belking2015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )

It all depends on what you mean by "won". They have given us some great PS3 content, but as a business they have suffered some staggering losses that they have yet to recover from. They have made up for some of those launch mishaps though, but we will have to wait and see next gen how all that will effect them. They have went from 1st to 3rd place so they can't be too happy about that.

Ezz20132015d ago

what world are live in ?!
PS3 hits 70m to go neck-and-neck with Xbox 360

they are not in 3rd place any more
by now i think they already pass the xbox360 numbers

Belking2015d ago

Xbox has past 72 million almost at 73 so they aren't neck-and neck. They sold over 1 million in the US last month. They still have the lead over sony. Sony announced they have sold(not to customers) 70 million but they never said anything about being even or surpassing the xbox 360. It really doesn't matter anymore because MS is getting ready to launch the next xbox. They have won a considerable amount of market share that sony may never get back.

Muerte24942014d ago

PS3 WW 70.2 million as of September 30

Xbox360 WW 70 million as of September 30

Microsoft sales to retail us like Sony so I don't understand your "not to consumer" comments are coming from. Actually its going to matter all the way to until all next gen systems launch.

Ezz20132014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

lol again where did you get those numbers ?!.. please don't tell me vgchartez
and lol both sony AND MS numbers are sold to retail
and MS sold 1M last month in Us while sony sold more than that world wide
so again sony may already passed xbox numbers
i know it's nightmare to you
but you must live with it

thank you

cpayne932014d ago

Ps3 wins over xbox for me because of the games. Demon's Souls is my single favorite game of all time. The exclusives just appeal more to me personally, even though halo is my favorite shooter franchise of all time.