Worldwide Hardware Chart for Week Ending February 15th, 2008 (Including Japan)

VGChartz reports, the worldwide hardware chart for week ending February 15th, 2008 is as follows:

Total Hardware: (Last Week #)

DSL: 388,388 (358,393)
Wii: 235,553 (440,814)
PS3: 176,294 (180,464)
PSP: 164,487 (184,722)
360: 128,861 (139,614)
PS2: 117,738 (122,218)

Breakdown by region:


PLEASE NOTE, Software Numbers only reflect Europe/Other region at the moment, DOES NOT include America or Japan.

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Anything but Cute3745d ago

According to VG chartz. PS3 is on the rise.

games4fun3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

that made me laugh i wonder how long the shortage will last? its also funny because sony isnt really doing spectacular in japan good thing they have the US and Europe to fall back on. lol

Superiorrior3745d ago

/facepalm that you believe in the shortage.

It should also be noted under tracks PS3.

games4fun3745d ago

ultra ever hear of sarcasm?

pharmd3745d ago

wheres POG and his crew? Oh thats right, cold hard factual numbers dont lie!!!

spandexxking3745d ago

VGchartz......cold hard factual???????dont lie!!!!!!!!
what vgchartz do you know?

Lifendz3745d ago

They do such small numbers there that I wonder if it's even worth it. They should take that money spent there on marketing, shipping, etc and use for something else more productive.

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xsteinbachx3745d ago

what i don't understand about VG is when real numbers are reported that they don't even update there own site.

Maddens Raiders3745d ago

On the rise? So far this year they've won the Super Bowl, The Slam Dunk Contest, and are waiting in the on deck circle for the Home Run Derby. These guys are defying the odds and making naysayers an endangered species. Incredible.

PopEmUp3745d ago

360 the third no I mean the last place

gamesR4fun3745d ago

360 is still beating the ps2
not bad at all

gunnerforlife3745d ago

ave some bubbles bro dat was funny;)

gamesR4fun3745d ago

lol back @ ya man

ps dont forget to hit Maddens Raiders too fanbois got him down 2 4 :(

SUP3R3745d ago

That was funny lol

Milky3744d ago

ya ave bubble ya bubble fo ya i talk like an idiot

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