Tom Chick's Most disappointing games of 2012

Tom Chick: Calling a game disappointing arguably has more to do with me than the game itself. Disappointment isn’t an inherent quality. It can’t exist without some sort of expectation in the first place. In many cases, these games are sequels, or the creations of developers with proven track records, or entries in established genres. But for various reasons, the central fact about these games is that I had hoped to like them better.

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ritsuka6661826d ago

Far Cry 3 really underperformed and disappointed me with it's average gameplay and mediocre missions. The villain may be brilliantly written and the story might be good, but the gameplay isn’t fun.. I suggest don't waste you time with this game when there are so many other better games releasing around the same time in 2012.

wollie1825d ago

I dont agree, I've loved every minute of FC3

AzaziL1824d ago

I did too until the story was over and all that was left were side missions. Still fun but damn it sucks that Vaas wasn't more prevailent in the game, he's one of those few villains that you wish never gets killed off.

AzaziL1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

damn, double post because clicking comment didn't do anything the first time. really wish they'd let us delete this instead of edit...

Loki861825d ago

Wow, no comment besides the fact that you have no idea what you are talking about.

showtimefolks1825d ago

so the story was good? i feel like the story is the weakest part of the game but other than its its a 9/10 for sure. FC3 is everything we wanted FC2 to be.

Kingdoms of Amalur: The Reckoning....Really this is such an under rated game everyone should play it just to see how awesome the combat is, also the world is beautiful

sleeping dogs has brought some fresh ideas to the open world gaming so stop hating

Resident evil 6 deserves to be on this list, sad thing is it sold good to where capcom won't learn from their mistakes and next one will be even worst

cpayne931825d ago

Gameplay mechanics in that game look incredible, so many ways to approach any given scenario. Looks to me like it has the best sp of any shooter this gen, all the gameplay videos look awesome.

Kte1824d ago

how much did someone pay you to say that?

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MasterD9191825d ago

Whoa...I know a lot of people hate RE6, but in no way was it worse than Operation Racoon City.

That game is the definition of a let-down and lie. It fit more in the PS2 era than it did this gen.

Blastoise1825d ago

Yeah but RE6 certainly had more hype than Racoon City, and Racoon City wasn't made by CAPCOM.

RE6 was definitely the bigger disappointment, especially after all the promises of horror and going back to its roots

e-p-ayeaH1825d ago

Re6 is a good game but a bad resident evil game.

Racoon City its simply bad.

modesign1825d ago

the title should be "the biggest troll in the galaxy's most disappointing games of 2012"

Loki861825d ago

Not one person cares what this pompous self-obsessed douche has to say.

vallencer1825d ago

Well why should anyone care about what you have to say?

All that article was, was his opinion and he is entitled to it. Just a much as you are by saying what you said. But one of you looks more like a douche then the other.

Trekster_Gamer1825d ago

I prefer what Loki86 has to say as it makes more sense than a trolling lame article desperate for hits. Sure he is entitled to his lame opinion but when it really goes against EVERY major review for this game he should keep his dumb opinions to himself.

vallencer you sound more like a douche?

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