You should have played…Spec Ops: The Line

CDT says, "With the end of the year growing ever closer, sales often provide the best opportunity to pick up games you held off on buying throughout the year. Spec Ops: The Line is one of these games. If you’re willing to put with some mediocre gameplay, you can enjoy one of the more intriguing narrative experiences of the year."

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thorstein1924d ago

Yeah, yeah, just add it to the list of games I should have played.

Prototype1924d ago

I only played the demo, and it wasn't that bad of a generic 3rd person shooter. I'd get it if it ends up below $20.

Kalowest1924d ago

I played the demo and hated it, so i didn't buy the game.

r211923d ago

I've played it and while the gameplay was like any old 3rd person shooter, it was the story that made it stand out from all other shooter. A story that makes you think and something like that is rare in all other shooters.

TheDivine1923d ago

Got it for 15 on black friday. Pretty good game so far. Havnt gotten back to it between the other new ones i got. Playing Pandoras Tower now and man does this game rock. Ha that Ico magic so few games have.

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