Dynasty Warriors 8: First screenshots and trailer

Tecmo Koei today released the first batch of screens for Dynasty Warriors 8, as well as a trailer.

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Lord_Sloth1869d ago

Screenshots have already been all over the web but glad to see it all in motion. XXXD

cynthatic1869d ago

So they have. Edited. :)

Enigma_20991868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

Good lord. I'm a confessed DW-ophile myself, and even I'm starting to wonder how long they're gonna milk this franchise.

AND WHERE'S MY EMPIRES, D*****?!?!?!?!

christheredhead1868d ago

Its been forever since I've played a Dynasty Warriors game. I think I'm gonna pick this one up. Nothing wrong with a little mindless hack and slash. Definitely looks entertaining.

-MD-1868d ago

They just refuse to change this series up, I used to enjoy it but it's always the same thing with minor tweaks.

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