5 Reasons Why Retro Studios Should Make a Zelda Game

GenGAME writes: "A Retro Studios Zelda isn’t just a pipe dream: it’s a representation of everything that those who want more out of Nintendo are looking for in their favorite franchise."

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MariaHelFutura1955d ago

Platinum games should make a Zelda game... The idea would be hated at first, but I bet you they could do something cool and fresh w/ it.

jc485731955d ago

funny, cause kamiya wants to make a Fox game

dedicatedtogamers1955d ago

I fully support the idea of Retro making a "classic" Zelda game. They've already proven their capabilities with the Metroid Prime series as well as DKC Returns.

SpiralTear1955d ago

If Retro can turn a 2D side-scroller into a first-person adventure game and make it into one of the best games of all time, give them Zelda. They'll do something fantastic with it.

-GametimeUK-1955d ago

I would fully trust Retro with the Zelda title. No complaints here.

Warj1955d ago

I like most of the points brought up by the article, though I wish there had been a little more depth/examples.

I have a lot more faith in Retro than I do the guys at Nintendo headquarters. I think Retro are the only ones that could develop a game that matches the quality of the series N64 titles.

xflo3601955d ago

Metroid prime is the best game of all time so if retro made a zelda it would be the best zelda ever.

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