Why I Hate The Last of Us (Now With More Hate)

How could Mr. Wolfe possibly hate this game? He's not biased against big-budget action games with emotional narratives and cinematic shit all over — this is a Metal Gear fansite, after all — and Mr. Wolfe appreciate that the game is a PS3 exclusive in a console generation strangled by Microsoft’s dirty money and bully tactics. Hell, Mr. Wolfe didn’t even know for himself why he hated it at first, but he has finally been able to put his finger on it: Mr. Wolfe hates The Last of Us because it’s supremely disingenuous.

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MariaHelFutura1958d ago


Not candid or sincere, typically by pretending that one knows less about something than one really does

insincere - false - devious - hollow-hearted

Godchild10201958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

I read up to that part of the article and then scrolled through the article to the bottom to see how long he (The Writer) goes on about the game.

I understand that not everyone will like this title and the first time the game was unveiled, I was pretty intrigued by the concept and it left me wanting more. Every trailer after that, has left me the same way. I have watched the VGA trailer so much that I know it will be up there with my top games of 2013.

The concept of the title is similar to what we have seen in I am Legend and The Walking Dead, with it's own little mix. How far the game expands is up to ND and I can't wait until, I get my chance to explore the world and make a real conclusion of my own. I rather hate the game and love the concept after playing, than hate the concept & the game, but never playing it, to make a real judgement.

Outside_ofthe_Box1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

Ok, the writer is just ridiculous. He's complaining about stuff that is prevalent in almost, if not all video games that have a story. Video games just simply aren't at that level of story telling yet and

***"Worst of all is the surrogate conscience. I don’t care what kind of woman she is, or what the relationship angle might be, I just don’t want to hear them yammer at me about dying horses or gasping at the horrors I’ve wrought, because we both know it’s not a real girl; it’s a contraption made by some middle-aged guy who thinks he’s got you in the palm of his hands. Those sensitive reactions are as scripted and forced as the very shit they comment on, so it doesn’t work. I didn’t design the murder simulator — you did, sir. I didn’t spend a week creating the physics of the Molotov cocktail, or take a microphone to the back yard to record what boiling flesh sounds like. I don’t know, maybe by the time the developers are done constructing their 40th way to slaughter a man, they get so insecure about their own moral code that they have to start vocalizing it in the game. “Oh, that’s so horrible!” they have someone say. Then they walk into every interview promoting the game as some kind of deep, provocative thriller, when all they really wanted to make was a really brutal game about an dude surviving the zombie apocalypse. Just be honest, man. Don’t give us the song and dance."***

This paragraph is full of fail. So because you know it's not a real girl the developer should just not put any life into the character? After all she isn't real right? Wow. I hope this guy does realizes that when a character says "Oh that's horrible!" that the character is speaking to the main character and not to player directly right? Is every word spoken in a film directed at the viewer now? The author comes off as going on a stupid rant.

Nimblest-Assassin1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

So... this is what its come to?


This guys problem is

1) He believes that if any game has a female side character its a cheap cynical way from "lazy" developers, and thus the last of us, walking dead, and Bioshock Infinite, will and are shit

Really? read this

"Whenever these bitches talk, all I hear is an insecure developer, constantly explaining shit in the worst way possible. I’d rather have a big red arrow at the top of my screen and a checklist, thank you very much. “Look out! There’s one coming up behind you!” is the designer equivalent of “Here, let me take the controller, I’ll beat this part for you.” Games are so paranoid and lazy these days, it’s maddening. “What if they don’t know where to go right now?” “What if they forget what the objective is?” “What if they don’t know what to do in this situation?” “How are they supposed to beat this poorly designed challenge using the lame abilities we’ve given him?” “Is there some way we can we trigger their protective instincts any time we want, without having to actually write a good story?” These questions are all answered by the female sidekick. Oh, and shitty button prompts. Classics like Half-Life were linear as well, but they let us figure things out for ourselves, equipped us with unique and powerful weapons, and didn’t feel the need to redistribute responsibilities. And yes, for the record, Alyx Vance is the only real blemish on the Half-Life series."


So that means Kojima is cynical based on the whole Rose issue in MGS4 as Otacon watches his love die behind a computer screen.... this idiot loves a franchise that does all the things he is complaining about

I love MGS, but the hypocracy in this article is ridiculous

1) AAA games are whores, and force you to watch cutscenes in order to see "the most cinematic way through"

*Cough* Metal Gear Solid 4, Raging Raven *Cough* Final fight with Ocelot *cough*

2) Lazy quicktime events to progress the story will obviously be in Last of Us and Bioshock


2) All these games are linear= bad

Honestly, Im f***ing done with this site, I come here for news, and I see half assed opinion pieces most of the time

We are approving rant pieces from fan blogs, ironically a MGS fan blog as well, a poorly written hypocritical one at that

If this really is the quality of articles Im stuck seeing, then I do not want to be on this site anymore, Im done

KwietStorm1958d ago

Apparently 3 people object to the English dictionary.

MRMagoo1231957d ago

its probably ppl that wont have the right console to play the game

HBK6191958d ago

The writer of this piece seems to be a complete sexist pig.

A woman is in a game? Well, it MUST be cynically put in there to lull the gamer into a false sense of security and is most definitely always an emotional crutch.

Christopher1957d ago

From the article: "Tell me I’m wrong."

You're wrong and you're also rude, repulsive, and attempt to write from a perspective of wisdom when all you do is take a common trope in games, movies, TV shows, and the like that is supposed to do what you're complaining about and make it a bad thing. Just because it's a trope doesn't make it something that, when used, creates an inferior product. It doesn't.

Examples: Leia in Star Wars, Bilbo in The Lord of the Rings, Mathilda in The Professional, Mary Jane in Spider-Man, and so on.

MastaPiff1957d ago

I think that pushing through all the ranting he has some very good points. Does this make me think this game is garbage & I won't be buying it?

No, I still want this game but I'm definitely 2nd guessing why this game is peaking my interest especially when I'm interested in exploring & the point he makes about the lack of it is seeming more valid the more we see.

I feel like the author of this article is trying to open my eyes. I'm definitely making sure my view of this isn't thru rose colored glasses now. hmm...

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Walker1958d ago

Because youre a hater lol !

miyamoto1958d ago

yeah haters only see negatives not positives
because he obviously failed to see how Joel was referenced to an old Hugh Jackman XD

Irishguy951958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

Well, good point, but it's not enough ruin a good game. Deal with it basically, or don't buy it whatever. As you say at the end the game will probably be good anyway, but ND have become linear only creators this gen. Yes, their games are overrated this gen but still good.

You can look at it one way or the other. Ellie is a gameplay mechanic and a characters of the story, the story will probably be average again as usual but at least they are trying a mature one finally, yes this is just a 'zombie' with Fungus heads replacing the zombies(story object, gameplay wise they may as well be zombies). At least the gameplay looks good. Naugty dog don't innovate is all you are right. But what they do, they generally do it better than everyone else.(Linear, Cinematic, tps). Except of course Uncharteds climbing segments god damn they were a waste of money

Edit---I didn't say they were Maria, read my post for **** sake, I said this gens ones are. The Uncharted series. With Uncharted 2 often called the best game this gen. Yeah...not even close.

That's right Majiebeast...Overrated does not mean bad, it means "overrated". Higher ratings than it deserves

MariaHelFutura1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

Naughty Dogs games are not overrated. They have been cranking out gems for way over a decade.

majiebeast1958d ago

Yes, their games are overrated this gen but still good.


rezzah1958d ago

The most awarded game in history overrated? Over 150 awards were all mistakes?

Outside_ofthe_Box1958d ago

Everything is overrated to someone one way or the other. At the end of the day Uncharted is a great series which contains one of the best games to came out this gen in UC2. Since Uncharted is a great series it deserves every praise it gets. Don't be upset that people don't praise something at the specific itsy-bitsy level that you deem as not "overrating" it too much.

GenericNameHere1958d ago

You always mention linearity, so can you just stop talking about it? Yes, we ALL know Uncharted is linear, and that's a fact. Stop talking like it's the worst thing in videogame history. What, does a game have to be open-world for it to not be "overrated"? Skyrim was an open-world, and I hated it? Why? Because even though I agree the game is HUGE and the replay value is certainly highfor some, I just didn't find it fun enough. The game was repetitive, open-world games are likely to have more bugs than linear games, and just didn't interest me enough. Now that you know that, I'm not gonna go to every article about open-world games or any Elder Scrolls games and whine about it.

Uncharted doesn't innovate? While I might not kind of disagree with you, it was the first game to have gameplay and cinematics to flow so smoothly that even other games try to copy it. And also, just let go of the award thing already. It won over 150+ awards for GOTY and other accolades, but you don't think having all those awards mean the game is any better ? Sure, fine with me. That's your own opinion. But it did something special to get all those awards, and saying it's overrated just makes you seem like a butthurt fanboy because your favorite game didn't get the recognition you wanted it to get :/

/sorry for the long opinion about you

stage881958d ago

@Irishguy95 From your username you were only born in 1995. Your post makes sense now.

MysticStrummer1957d ago

"Uncharted 2 often called the best game this gen. Yeah...not even close."

Oh ok. I see the problem. Someone along the way taught you that your opinion was the same as fact. Yeah... not even close.

ritsuka6661957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

I enjoyed most of Naughty Dogs’ stuff immensely, but the whole formula is just starting to get a stale and boring. This game smell so much of uncharted that it bore the hell out of me .SHM, want something new not something uncharted with new skin… -__-

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Soldierone1958d ago

Why do people keep complaining bout linear? Thats like the new trend now? Uncharted is some of the best games this generation. Is it "linear" yeah, but it puts puzzles in your way and you need to figure out how to keep going. It's not like you are literally walking in a straight line smashing buttons....

Not everything needs to be open world, and even then games need to be linear to an extent. The Walking Dead was very linear, no matter what you did it was the same story with minor dialogue changes....

Bathyj1958d ago

Linearity is the new dirty word. Sandbox is overrated.

Yes, you have this open world where you can go anywhere and do anything. Yet the main missions are all basically go from point A to point B and shoot guy C. The world is open but the gameplay is still linear.

Side missions are about 5 different things, repeated ad nauseam.

While I do enjoy these games and have nothing against them theres nothing wrong with a focused story and good pacing. I'd rather play a 10 hour game that keeps you riveted than a 100 hour snoozefest that just feels like going through the motions.

And lets face it, linearity is just the latest thing for people to b*tch about who have no intention of buying the game anyway because they've made up their minds to hate the console its on.

Just like MGS5's cutscenes, Killzones pre-rendered trailer, Heavy Rain's QTE's and GT5's cockpit views. I dont remember any of those things detracting from the game for me.

Soldierone1958d ago

Exactly. Thats also what I meant by "those games still need something to be linear" While you could very well go "explore the world" it will do you no good in the mission. Heck sometimes they will cut you off from the rest of the world till you finish the mission.

GribbleGrunger1958d ago

I have no idea whether I'm going to love or hate this game. Why? Because I haven't played it yet and neither has anyone else. I hate game journalism. Why? Isn't it obvious?

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