GDC: The Key to Blizzard's Multiplayer Success

Rob Pardo breaks down how Blizzard creates addictive, competitive multiplayer games.

Focus on the multiplayer first. The first half of StarCraft 2's development was dedicated to the multiplayer experience. That's where you learn whether the core mechanics, in StarCraft 2's case units, balance each other out. "Once you have a great multiplayer game, you can construct a good single player game from those pieces," says Rob Pardo, SVP of game design at Blizzard. "If you aren't thinking about game balance, you'll find that you'll have to rip out all kinds of game systems."

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JeepGamer3650d ago

I'm absolutely stunned that the creators of World of Warcraft can talk about balance in a multiplayer game with a straight face.

Enigma_20993650d ago

Hmmm... must play as the Horde....