Dead Island Riptide’s boxart is bloody rubbish

GamesAsylum aren't too fond of Dead Island Riptide's boxart.

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bronxsta1959d ago

Actually I like it. No focus on the heroes or anything like that, just a bloody zombie rising from the water. Pure and simple

WeskerChildReborned1959d ago

Yea same here, it looks pretty cool imo.

NonShinyGoose1959d ago

It looks like a cover from an old Amiga game or similar. And on the logo the dead guy is *still* hanging from the leaf of the palm tree.

Have you ever tried to hang somebody from a leaf? It's very hard work.

Ben_Grimm1959d ago

Ha, this is the new complaint going into 2013!

The Box Art sux!

Neckbear1959d ago

And dude, about goddamn time.

Mocat1959d ago

Meanwhile at steam


Lord_Sloth1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

Did you not play Dead Island 1 at launch? The game itself was rubish! Not bad after....several patches though.

-MD-1959d ago

Other than the save issues it was fine at launch. On PC anyways.

Dread1959d ago

I do not c what the problem is.

In fact, I htink is cool. Simple and to the point.

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The story is too old to be commented.