The Courtroom: Defending PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

While many might assume Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale is Sony's answer to Nintendo's Super Smash Brothers series, that is far from the truth. In fact, PSAS has its own merits that should be appreciated before making a judgment call; this article discusses what fans might be missing when they dismiss PSAS too soon.

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Zodiac1955d ago

"While many might assume Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale is Sony's answer to Nintendo's Super Smash Brothers series"

The problem people had was calling it a complete clone, but calling it Sony's answer to smash bros is something i agree with.

Devs back in the day tried to take on Mario with platformer games of their own. Those games were each companies answer to Mario.

I don't think this game is a clone. It borrows. Let's not dive into fandom here, ok. It borrows, but to say that this game was made without the intention of taking on smash bros is absurd.

This is certainly Sony's answer to smash bros. Don't get that confused with it being called a clone.

mungojerry1955d ago

o n o Something with semantics I didn't consider, although like this review I AM optimistic about Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale continuing. I personally would like to consider it as its own game, but I suppose there is no way to avoid the comparison

MaxXAttaxX1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

Umm no. There have been many other brawlers like SSB across multiple platforms and none of them were "answers" to SSB.

PS All-Stars just happens to be PlayStation exclusive (for obvious reasons), however it is NOT directly competing with SSB. The very nature of the game which includes PlayStation exclusive characters aims to attract PlayStation fans, not Nintendo or Xbox fans.

So I don't really see how. If Sony had interest in competing, they would have done this YEARS ago. But they didn't on the PS1 or PS2. Fan demand sparked this game's conception.
It's not like Battlefield vs COD, which are two similar games on the SAME platforms.

Zodiac1954d ago

"There have been many other brawlers like SSB across multiple platforms"

Irrelevant. Those games are not PASBR.

Other games being made have nothing to do with taking on or not taking on Smash Bros.

I have PASBR, I have seen a ton of gameplay, and i think it is obvious that Sony is trying to take on Smash Bros.

Just because i think it is trying to take on Smash Bros does not mean i think it is a bad game, and trying to compete with any game does not make the newcomer bad either.

Sony is trying to take on smash bros, in my opinion.

MaxXAttaxX1954d ago

Other game just like them don't matter because they're not PASBR? Explain that logic.
Why is it that? Because it's PlayStation exclusive? Compared to those other brawlers All-Stars is one of the least identical to SSB.

There's little evidence that these two are directly competing other than the fact that "they're similar derp". It's called a genre.

And I guess you decided to not read the rest of my comment. I still stand by what I said.

prototypeknuckles1955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

While love playstation and its characters the most I felt that all stars was a big disappointment due to a lackluster story a boring arcade, no uulnlockable characters,and buggy online I literally was bored with the game day one.

soundslike1955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

Your first problem was expecting a single player experience out of a fighting game.

Get some friends to play with you...

prototypeknuckles1954d ago

my friends dont like the game, the online is buggy, and smash bros mk, tekken, even street fighter have some interesting stories with them instead of a generic cutscene that hardly explains anything.

Nexgensensation1955d ago

the game was doom to start with. ever since they announce that they won't be having unlocable characters already threw me off the boat.

Not only that the character roster! you have dante with no virgil, you have nathan drake? this game just wasnt ready.

Not only that there only theres only a couple of game mode, there is no single player value.

And to finish, most reviews on this game were based on the gameplay online which the fun only last for like 2.5hours!

MaxXAttaxX1954d ago

Bullsh*t. I have been playing online with friends almost everyday since launch!
2.5 hours my ass.

Nexgensensation1954d ago

so how long you play online?

Hicken1954d ago

You have this deep-seated (or is it deep-seeded? doesn't matter) dislike of PSAS, and it all seems to be based on your BS ideals.

This isn't the type of game you play for singleplayer. Get real. And there's no way they'd make everybody happy with the roster without putting EVERY character that's ever been on a Playstation console in the game... and the game would never come out, then. So stop bitching about that.

Most reviews on the game were based on how much it was or wasn't like SSB, criticizing the game either way.

You... have you even played it? You NEVER talk about your own personal experience with it. You don't discuss your impressions of the gameplay, or whether the characters seem balanced; such things missing from EVERY one of your critical comments would lead anyone(and, likely, everyone... well, except for trolls) to believe that you've never even touched the game.

Just admit you're talking out your ass so we can all move on.

Ben_Grimm1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )


Don't mind Hicken Nexgen. He also hasn't played SSB for the Wii or Forza for the 360 and yet you can still find him commenting on how bad those games are compared to their PS3 counterparts.

In my experience with the game it is fun and the online can last for many others when you get a good group of people together. I like the fact that you can find a character that suits your play style very easy.

As for the characters, did you really want the NEW Virgil in there instead of the original from MvC3 and Devil May Cry?

Nexgensensation1954d ago

this game is way overrated! I bet none of you guys seen or played digimon rumble arena? PSAS play almost exactly like rumble arena but in rumble arena there is multiple ways into defeating your opponents like ring outs or the traditional fighting style.

Kiddcarter1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

"you have dante with no virgil, you have nathan drake?"

1. LOL i like how you put a question mark after drake, was sony not suppose to include drake, the main character of one of their biggest franchises?

2. I hate how people talk trash about this games roster, as if the first smash bros had a extremely large roster, it had all of 12 playable characters, historically most fighting games start off with a smaller roster so that the foundation of the game can be solid (ex: Mortal Kombat 7 playable characters, original street fighter 2 playable characters, kill instinct started with 11, all stars has 20 by the way). In future all star games you will see more playable but as the first in the series its fine, and who cares if you have 90 characters if the gameplay sucks. Another benefit of a smaller roster is each character in all stars except for the two coles plays different, the same can not be said for every smash bros characters, as the roster for smash got bigger and bigger, more and more characters who were just reskins of another character started to show up.

3. As for the storyline, yes it does suck but its a fighting game what did you really expect? if you were looking for war and peace, you are in the wrong place buddy.

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