Why Dark Souls is Not A 'Hack And Slash' Game

Does anyone remember the PlayStation 3’s 2009 gem, Demon’s Souls? Would you believe that some critics actually equated it to God of War II? Here’s another imponderable: The game’s spiritual successor, FromSoftware’s Dark Souls, was often given the misnomer “beat-‘em-up.” Even now, after the recent release of the game’s first downloadable content, some reviewers stand by this claim.

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Canary1991d ago

It's a third person action-combat game in a medieval fantasy setting.

I realize it can be difficult ascribing genre to games because we have to consider both the narrative genre and gameplay tropes... but it's not -that- hard.

-GametimeUK-1991d ago

"Third person action-combat game"?

I think it is quite criminal to not cover the fact that it is an RPG. Its quite simply an Action RPG.

MagneticDeath1991d ago

Agreed 3rd person action rpg.

Blackdeath_6631991d ago

agreed i was just going to say that its an RPG a proper RPG like they all should be. also i don't think anyone who has played a souls game ever even thought about it as a hack 'n' slash game. dark souls requires much more skill than most games, button bashing will get you killed in one shot.

cpayne931991d ago

Hack and slash I can almost understand but beat em up? BEAT EM UP??? No, just no.

sdozzo1991d ago

No one calls it hack and slash.

SolidDuck1991d ago

If anyone actually says that. Then they haven't spent any time with demons or dark. There fantastic games but they are def not beat em ups, hack n slash, or a button masher in any way. Just a dumb thing to say.

Bercilak1991d ago

I think of Demon's Souls as a survival horror game in a medieval fantasy setting.

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The story is too old to be commented.