What We Want From Dark Souls II

1up - Now that FromSoftware has announced the sequel, it's time to start our wish list..

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TriangleOffense1988d ago

The 2 things I want the most are some returning components from Demon's Souls. I want to see World / Character Tendency return and be modified so that in black world or as a very black evil character there are no limitations on how often you can be invaded.

I also want Mana management back. Lets get rid of this set casting amount for mages and bring it back to where they have to rely on spices or another form of consumable to beable to cast spell after spell after spell.

Irishguy951988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

No way, the bonfire/Estus flash, numbered spells was a major improvement over Demons souls. In Demons you didn't have to worry about health or Mana due to the spices.
You NEVER ran out of grass or a Spice, that is the point.

Looking for a bonfire when your Estus flasks are low is the main thing. In Demons, you finish a level and that's it, that's your progression, in Dark, looking for Bonfires ins your progression. It's Literally Exactly the same thing except you simply did not run out of Spices(health/mana) and you had a limited supply of Estus flasks no matter what.

"Safety of a bonfire" is completely incorrect, that only applied when you were running through an area you have already been. Then you know where it is, you know when you should head for it etc. However if you want to progress through the game it's completely different than that. And again, you didn't run out of spices, especially later in the game.

When you're running low on Estus it was either

"Oh **** gotta head back, must not lose souls" - this meant you lost the progression you were making.


"Oh ****, gotta find bonfire before they run out, avoid conflict!!" -
This was the game, and this is an improvement of Demons.

TriangleOffense1988d ago

Ill disagree. You had to pay way more attention, if you ran out of grass or a spice then you were out of luck. There was no safety of a bonfire around every other corner to set you back up with life and magic castings.

MooseyXTC1988d ago

If you were so invested in the one life you were living, you could have used your Humanities and therefore still healed yourself, after you've used all your Estus.
But still, I think DaS did healing/magic better than DeS.

Cam9771988d ago

Grass added tactic as you couldn't eat it freely. Instead, it was rationed by the player for greatest effect. I preferred it because it made you more cautious and highlighted how venerable you, the player, really was.

Nexgensensation1988d ago

the game looks wicked hard encouraging gamers to buy the stradegy guide would be nice!

and variety, also stay away from the hack and slash stay close to demons souls.

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-GametimeUK-1988d ago

I agree with Irish here. Bonfires re-spawned enemies and were essentially the start of a new level. They could have been more spaced out and they should have given you less flasks. Kindling ruined it for me a bit. BUT... In Demon's Souls you could farm grass. I was able to heal myself during stages whenever I wanted. Over 80+ grass that fully heals me made it a lot more bearable.

soundslike1988d ago

But you just ended up with endless grass and spice...

At least you need to earn the secret rite(though the boss should be...a real boss to get this) and spend humanity to increase estus, at that one bonfire, instead of just going back to the hub and buying a bunch of grass.

Plus, once you upgraded your flask, that was it, now you can heal better. You don't have to shift through what grass is appropriate for what fight, which seems easier, except now you'll let small mistakes and damage taken stack up before healing so you can make better use of your estus +3, which means you're also taking more risks.

MEsoJD1988d ago

World Tendency was an annoying mechanic that was tied to unlocking areas/weapons and players committing suicide over and over.
I also disagree with how mana was handled in DeS. Made the game way too exploitable when you couple the spices/spells.

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-GametimeUK-1988d ago

I agree with the list. I would like to be told the story instead of piecing it together and reading item descriptions. To be fair even if they catered to how I want to experience the story I don't think it would make the game a significantly better experience for me anyway. I am in it for the gameplay. Balancing PVP will also be fine and I think the backstab window should be smaller. A few changes I want...

1. Less flasks. Being able to kindle fires and carrying a large amount flasks made the experience significantly easier. Having 10 seems fair for Dark Souls 1 although now I am quite good at the game I don't need to kindle any flames.

2. Arena System. I haven't played the Dark Souls arena yet, but I would like to see an arena system where you can go, match up with people and fight.

3. Deeper character customization. This is self explanatory.

4. A true reason to invade. In Demon's Souls you could invade to get your body back which gave you benefits. In Dark Souls you had to be in human form to invade with the Red Orb. It didn't seem too logical. It was nowhere near as satisfying as invading in Demon's Soul's to get your full HP. It was a more of a dog eat dog world and I liked it. Same applies with Coop. Reverting to the Demon's Souls method would work.

OSIRUSSS1988d ago

They need to eliminate the backlagstab. Thats all. The Bonfires made it easier to grind since it reanimated all the Enemies.

sedx1988d ago

I want the game to be hard again.Dark souls was to easy.

Kos-Mos1985d ago

Hardcore man, hardcore.