CVG - Hands-on with the Aliens: Colonial Marines campaign

CVG - It's mad that we're only now getting hands-on with the single-player mode in Aliens: Colonial Marines, a game announced by a series of flaming beacons on mountain tops (or however people spread the word back in 2007). And for some, it's a bit of a worry.

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donman11959d ago

Definitely getting this on the Wii U. Already said to be the best version of all the consoles (graphically, gameplay mechanics.)

Fishermenofwar1959d ago

who has said this??

Please show article....

donman11958d ago

How about you google it and stop being lazy. The developer clearly said it numerous times.

modesign1959d ago

is this game coming out anytime.

donman11958d ago

Its release date is in early Feb 2013.