Halo 4 "Crimson Map Pack" DLC Review | The Controller Online

The Controller Online writes:

"My biggest complaint about Halo 4 is with the maps and how few there are for each playlist. Infinity Slayer, which is what we play the most, only has five maps available, which is the least amount of maps for regular Team Slayer in any Halo game yet. To help correct this, 343 Industries have released the Crimson Map Pack, the first of three maps packs to be released between now and April, but are the maps any good and is it worth the $10 price tag? Let’s take a look."

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Kinger89381831d ago

maps a month after release is a bit silly imo, i agree i thought there wasnt enough on the disc so these should have been free or released with then game.

i got the ltd edition anyway but still dont agree with paid dlc maps so soon after release, makes me think they were ready at launch but they want the extra cash

ItsTrue1831d ago

Well they were technically free...

way2fonky1831d ago

they're even better when you got them for free!!!

aviator1891831d ago

taking my finals...and that sucks. I always miss out on these "free" glitches.

A7XEric1831d ago

Wreckage isn't that great, but the other two are solid maps.

3-4-51830d ago

$10 for 1 regular slayer map ?

MasterD9191830d ago (Edited 1830d ago )

I like Shatter the most because Harvest and Wreckage are like cousins of each other. Different color schemes and pallets but just seem so alike it's ridiculous.

And I agree...Why not have more Slayer maps?

I was really hoping that 343 would kick it up a notch and give us some amazing levels for Halo 4. At this point based off of this DLC pack I'd much rather see a bunch of Halo 3 levels re-imagined than what they have planned.