Kotaku - Aliens: Colonial Marines Will Make You Jump at Every Freakin’ Shadow You See

Kotaku - The challenge Gearbox faces in making Aliens: Colonial Marines is twofold. First, since this is an authorized product, they need to make a game that seamlessly slides into Aliens continuity. Given the way that dev studio CEO Randy Pitchford can quote chapter and verse from the movie franchise timeline, this problem seems to be well in hand.

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Ve_Chuy1925d ago

you want a jump playing a game try metro 2033 I just finished and is scary as hell, the game is free now if you hit like in metro last light Facebook. Long time ago since i played a game that make me jump of fear.

BoNeSaW231925d ago

-Mezzo- For real dude! Why do keep submitting kotaku crap!?

scotchmouth1924d ago

Great question. We should really not reply to kotaku articles. Maybe if that catches on....