Interview: Molyneux Talks Fable 2

Next Generation writes:

"Lionhead's Peter Molyneux has demonstrated two new additions to Fable 2 that he sees as key innovations – transferable in-game gold and dynamic co-op. In this Next-Gen interview, he explains these design ideas and his role in dreaming them up."

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tgh machines3714d ago (Edited 3714d ago )

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!! I can't wait for Fable 2.
Co-Op is going to be so sweet. That getting money thing from playing XBLA games seems pretty cool too.

wow4u3714d ago

Did you see the in-game video yet? The game looks spectacular.

tgh machines3714d ago

I'm waiting for them to post it on XBL

FAT MAN GO BOOM3714d ago

It looks like Pete maybe delivering on what features he is saying will be in the game...

Man I hate eating crow... this looks really good
Cheers Peter...

wow4u3714d ago

He's showed the features that will be in the game. They are delivering what they are showing.

dachiefsman3714d ago

While the arcade idea is sorta cool, I think that it will be exploited. Oh well I am still fired up about this game.....

zonetrooper53714d ago

I realy can't wait for this game, hope they annouce a release date soon, they have been indicating at a release date for sometime this Autumn.