THQ Gives Away Free Steam Keys For Metro 2033 has the latest THQ news. The publisher is continuing its generosity by letting people receive free Steam redeem keys for a simple "Like" of their Metro page on Facebook. Hurry while supplies last!

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Ilovetheps41922d ago

I already got the game through the Humble Bundle. But I guess it's a good way to promote their upcoming game by just giving out the old one for free.

Daavpuke1922d ago

You'd be foolish NOT to have grabbed the Humble Bundle, for whatever sum. But it's still a great solution for people that are truly so broke, they can't spare anything right now.

grailly1922d ago

THQ is really good at getting their older games in the hands of gamers. hopefully, this won't encourage gamers to just wait to get THQ's new games for free

delboy1922d ago

Free stuff is sweet even if its Vinegar lol

pandehz1922d ago

Not when you mistake it for water

poo3429472947921922d ago

Thanks, just did it free Metro uber :)

i7 [email protected]
8GB 1600 RAM
2 vertex 4s in raid0
2 GTX 580s in SLI

lol I bet on my PC I just hit 60 fps I hear this game loves to eat pcs for breakfast :P

btw thnx again poster great day o fun for free

Daavpuke1922d ago

You're most welcome. As a funny anecdote (funny now, at least): Metro 2033 strained my previous PC to death and melted some of its parts. That was not a fun time.

aquamala1922d ago

game looks phenomenal on PC

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