Why hasn’t Godus been Funded Yet?

Meodia asks the question, why hasn't the Kickstarter Project Godus captured the imagination of the gaming community.

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OneAboveAll1987d ago

Because it's by Peter Molyneux. The man who promises things and they never happen. Or he turns good games, into crap.

dedicatedtogamers1987d ago

Precisely. The entire concept of Kickstarter is that the developer will deliver on the promises made during the pledging process. And of course, there's the expectation that the more money that is pledged to the project, more features will be added.

But Molyneux has a well-documented track record of failing to deliver on promises.

I guess the question that people like me are asking is this: If Molyneux couldn't deliver on promises when he was working with tens of millions of dollars, years of development time, and a dev team upwards of 100 people, how in the world can people believe that he will deliver on his promises with a fraction of the money, a fraction of the time, and a fraction of the team size?

OhMyGandhi1987d ago

Molyneux can enter our lives once again, once he learns humiliation, and ultimately, is modest in his scope and size of his projects. It's better to bring a new player into an experience that turns out to be unexpectedly good, then underwhelm on an overhyped game. Kickstarter campaigns can bring Molyneux down to the level he deserves, by working small.

Jdoki1987d ago

Molyneux was a developer / programmer / ideas guy first and foremost - and whilst he always got carried away with his hyperbole it wasn't until he became a corporate suit that he started getting the (deserved) bad press and reputation for talking utter BS.

This isn't a troll of Microsoft - but until Lionhead were bought by MS the games he had delivered for Lionhead and Bullfrog had been world class, and in some cases genre defining. (Dungeon Keeper, Populous, Black and White, the various Theme games etc. Even The Movies was a bold idea, even if the game sucked)

I could never understand why he took a desk job at MS, and whilst I appreciate that any development studio is more than one man, I have some faith that his new independent title will be a return to form. He just needs to keep his enthusiasm in check when talking to the press.

ChickeyCantor1987d ago

" But Molyneux has a well-documented track record of failing to deliver on promises. "

You can't blame him for budget issues.

Kickstarters fully finance what you write down on paper.

MikeMyers1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

I look at him and then I look at someone like Tim Schaefer. Both are veterans and both share a passion for gaming. Difference is one isn't constantly in the media promising the world. The other difference is one tries many ideas and is much more connected with the gaming public. Tim also doesn't rely on his history and keep saying his next project will be better than the last one. He just keeps making the games he wants to make.

I want Peter to shut up and prove his worth. No excuses.

Anon19741987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

Interesting. Could you give examples of these good games that turned into crap because of Molyneux. Looking at the list of games he's directly responsible for, I see a library of games going back 30 years with a number of absolute masterpieces among them, and I see recent games like the Fable series each selling over 4 million copies and every one receiving critical praise not to mention a few game of the year awards to boot.

All the while the guy pushed gaming and took it in new directions, sometimes creating entirely new genres.

Where are all these dismal failures of which you speak, because what I see is a fantastic and visionary game developer who rightly earned his spot in the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences hall of fame through title after title in his 30 years making games. Frankly I find myself disappointed in some gamers that he's not awarded the respect he obviously deserves. And why, because despite the fact that he delivered games that ranged from remarkable to simply good (shocking!) over 30 years not every single feature he dreamed up made it into the final product? Because the guy was so passionate he would tell anyone who listened every idea he wanted to put into his game?

Or do you prefer your developers to just shut up and churn out the same game over and over again? And how is it a fault that he's passionate about his projects, and the industry? You want Peter to prove his worth? I ask you, what else do you need other than his body of work? Is consistently making great games over 30 years somehow not enough?

If he resurrected Christ in vidoegame form, you people would still be "You said he'd be taller!"

OhMyGandhi1987d ago

Sales...Number of working years in the industry...All mean absolutely nothing when your LATEST releases have failed to captivate their respective audiences. I don't mind Molyneux, in fact, I respect his own individuality, and artistic vision, but the man has got to learn the great art of subtlety when speaking about his games.
He's one of few developers that activiatey approaches a new project as a "life changing experience" that does everything but weight-loss. People want compelling experiences, but you are bound to dissapoint (even if it's only a slightly underwhelming dissapointment) when you are the sole catalyst for the hype machine behind a game you develop.

I frequent topics that mention the man, and am ready to defend his history as much as you are, but I see George Lucas TODAY as a the man behind the Star Wars PREQUELS, not for his older, far more majestic projects. A person's image is always relative, and when a community finances a project by a man with a wavering image, it's the LAST project that he made that he is judged by, not the FIRST.

newsguyjjrox1987d ago

In the video, he starts off by saying he "understands" why people aren't pledging, stating that he believes it's due to the fact that he hasn't released a working version of the game. Obviously, he really hasn't asked anyone as to the real reason. I'm not at all surprised that the same man who claims he's working hard on the game recently appeared with the Yogscast, having a grand time sitting around playing old games. He didn't even talk about Godus.

sjaakiejj1987d ago

It was a charity event. You're really going to hold that against him? That he did something for charity?

And he's also mentioned several times that he understand there are people that hate him. Really man, if you're going to comment attempting to state factual information, at the very least ensure that what you're saying are actual facts.

On top of that, many people have in fact stated that they haven't pledged yet because they haven't got anything to show, so Peter has been paying attention.

MilkMan1987d ago

The game art looks amazing, IF they can make the actual game look like that it would be great based on what I saw so far it doesn't seem that way. I've pledged, I have faith in that he can deliver, he knows this kind of game well. I would like to see a prototype something to get me excited, the same way the artwork did.

3-4-51987d ago

Yea if it was a random person, with the Awesome Art style they have, it should have gotten more attention.

But when your leader is somebody who fails to fulfill promises, then that works against you.

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