The 20 Best Games of 2012 "At the end of both 2010 and 2011, our annual rundown of the best games of the year was intended to be a mere top ten list, until we tallied up each year’s batch of supreme software and arrived at a figure that was far closer to 30 than just 10."

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-Mika-1955d ago

Far cry 3 should be #1.

Mykky1955d ago

For me it is Xenoblade, though I have not played Far Cry 3 as I know I'm getting it as a christmas present. Patndora's tower and The Last Story is also fantastic titles. Just wish they and Xenoblade were released for a HD console instead.

kma2k1955d ago

Im superised ive only played 8 of the 20. But IMO Binary Domain, Kingdom of Amaluer, & Spec ops the line belong on that list.

j-blaze1955d ago

i'll add the missing games:
Dragon's Dogma
RE: Revelations
Max Anarchy aka Anarchy Reigns

OmniSlashPT1955d ago

Zavvi? So only retail games right? Because both Journey and WD should be there.

dafegamer1955d ago

not even one sony game. I call bs

Al801955d ago

Yeah, because there were some great Sony games released this year

Hicken1954d ago

Lack of Gravity Rush and Journey is telling, certainly.

lfclee1954d ago

Hard to say really it is up to the gamer?

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