Ten Hottest Male Video Game Characters

Misfit Gamers writes:

There are so many posts are there devoted to the ten hottest female video game characters, I felt there needed to be an article objectifying the male video game characters as well. This list has nothing to do with who would win in a fight, but who brings that proper air of sexiness and mystique. These men are judged by my standards and a jury of my peers, so if you don’t like it, too bad.

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PandaMcBearface1826d ago

They're either really "rugged" (read "dirty") or they look like Kylie Minogue :|

Bathyj1826d ago

Oh this is so sexist. Men are not just muscle sacks you know.

Cueil1826d ago

there are two metros in there

Cueil1825d ago

I knew what he was saying Heisenburger... you obviously missed my point. Also using hashtags in a post? Really?

Theo11301826d ago

7 out of the 10 guys came from japan, the author of the article has a type.

Games4M - Rob1826d ago

I cant believe they left out the only character who is so hot that he actually gets laid in his games - Kratos !

sithsylar1826d ago

I don't think kratos has a good track record with the ladies.... hahha

Cueil1825d ago

the protagonist from The Witcher is probably a better example... and I've forgotten his name... something that I should probably be flayed for

LostTokens1826d ago

Aw, I was really hoping for a list I could relate to, but it's true... too many of the boys are just so androgynous. Androgyny CAN be attractive, but aside from Nathan Drake and someone like Wander, the rest are just "they're hawt just 'cuz." I mean really, does anyone actually think the weepy Cloud is "hot"?

Pozzle1826d ago

This is only my personal opinion but I don't think Cloud is bad looking per se...although imo his looks and personality aren't particularly memorable when compared to other gaming men.

He's attractive in a "looks average 20-something, handsome, Japanese male celebrity" kind of way. But yeah...he's not someone I'd put on my top ten list. lol

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