Major Nelson announces over 40 new apps to release on Xbox Live beginning with Microsoft Skydrive

Xbox Live's Major Nelson announced over 40 new apps will be coming to Xbox Live between now and spring 2013 starting with Microsoft's Skydrive.

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portal_21955d ago

Aren't the majority of those video-on-demand services?

nukeitall1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

Yup, and there are a lot of free content on the video-on-demand service.

However, I think SkyDrive is going to be awesome. Instantly get pictures and share them on the big screen.

The only problem, who wants to sit and look at pictures?

I think being able to upload my music/videos to SkyDrive is be pretty cool and use it on my Xbox 360, Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.

I generally don't care.

MikeMyers1954d ago

I'm skeptical of the direction Microsoft is taking. The original Xbox started as game machine that could counter a gaming PC but with the ease of playing on a console. Fast forward 10 years and it's about Kinect, Xbox Live, Apps and trying to take over your living room as a media hub.

fr0sty1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

Many people criticized Sony about doing the same thing... but the all in one media device concept has worked pretty well for them. It opened up a market for them that they never would have had otherwise. For instance, my grandmother uses my PS3 for Amazon Prime. She now wants one of her own, just to do that.

I honestly think Sony and MS both have a lot to gain by putting out useful apps like we have on our phones. As long as they're not slacking on games, I see no issue with it. I'm a PS3 owner, so I have no idea what MS' game lineup looks like, but if Sony's is any indication there shouldn't be anything to worry about. I'm all for more features as long as the games keep getting the same amount of attention.

nukeitall1953d ago


What direction MS takes is irrelevant as long as they provide you with plenty of games. I don't see a lack of games, and I am enjoying the additional things they brought onto the table such as Kinect (just bought a second one), XBL and the various apps.

If anything, I use my Xbox 360 more than ever and it almost replaced my PC in the living room.

MikeMyers1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

nukeitall, I am worried about Microsoft's lack of identity going forward. Other companies have now offered online services that are quite comparable and they do it for free. The advantage Microsoft has is consumers are pretty much locked into Live but as Nintendo gets more serious, Sony moved forward with the PS3 and now Vita, Steam rumored to have their own system, they need to offer greater value. I don't see apps and getting license deals with distributors like ESPN all that convincing to stick with them.

The way people play online hasn't changed dramatically over the years on Live. Outside of the games yes but the games themselves haven't. It's still pretty much capped at 16 players, no MMO games, no mod support, long and expensive patch process. Aside from cross voice chat I don't see the way we play games online advancing on Live. The others have caught up and in some cases surpassed them and for free.

If Microsoft truly thinks they still have a premium service that justifies a fee then offer a way for gamers to just play their games online for free. Then let's see how willing people are to pay for things like access to Apps.

I recall playing games like Mechassualt on Live and being amazed. At the time it was new to me and people actually talked to one another. I thought it was amazing and there was virtually no lag (it only had up to 8 players mind you). It was wonderful. Fast forward 10 years and as the market has evolved and as other players came onboard that wow factor is now gone.

nukeitall1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )


"The others have caught up and in some cases surpassed them and for free."

XBL is still the best online console community for online gaming, and still has plenty of features that the competition still lacks.

However, that isn't the most important thing, it is the overall experience. Nobody still matches XBL when it comes ease of use, convenience and community on consoles.

Take for example game patching, on Xbox 360 you download the patch (it is usually very small) the console signs you out then in, and you can play. No reboot of the game necessary. This usually takes 1-2 mins max.

Tried that on a competitors console?

There are a lot more things like that, that people that use XBL frequently will start to notice when they start using a lesser service.

Feature for feature, things are getting closer, but experience is not.

There is a reason why XBL got 3 dashboard revamps, while the competition only got their online store update (PSN) after all these years.

"I am worried about Microsoft's lack of identity going forward."


I think the Xbox brand has never been stronger, and all these pushes has actually further strengthened them. The Xbox brand is now all around entertainment, not just gaming. As long as people are happy with the releases like they are now, there is no problem.

MS historically knows what they need to push.

"I don't see apps and getting license deals with distributors like ESPN all that convincing to stick with them."

No, but the content is what is going to decide and I suspect MS is negotiating licensing deals to TV content and such. They want to replace your cable box/dvr combination. The apps is certainly possible as Netflix was an exclusive deal with MS.

However, I don't think that is significant enough.

"Fast forward 10 years and as the market has evolved and as other players came onboard that wow factor is now gone."

I believe the wow factor comes from playing with your friends and having a good time together communicating. This is were MS done an excellent job, and hope they will continue to do so. It still baffles me how PSN don't have party chat, because Sony was too shortsighted to include a universal voice api when the Xbox 360 has been out for almost a year.

"The others have caught up and in some cases surpassed them and for free."

You need to surpass in areas that matters and not just being free. The community needs to be better.

MikeMyers1953d ago

"XBL is still the best..."

It is the most cohesive but as far as features go the only one I can think of is cross game chat and the inviting is easier.

"However, that isn't the most important thing..."

They have made it very simple and it does function well with keeping the user within the service at all times.

"Take for example game patching..."

That is because Microsoft mandates patches to be a certain size. With that also comes restraints because now the publisher has to make sure it is only a certain size and the authentication process slows down rapidly.

"There are a lot more things like that..."

I use it and I agree with how seamless it is. The problem I am talking about is how far Live has grown with the capabilities of gameplay. The games are still capped at 16 players, they still don't support dedicated servers to help reduce lag, they still don't support MMO games, they still don't support much in the way of user content and no mod support.

"There is a reason why XBL got 3 dashboard revamps..."

Microsoft's expertise comes with its operating system. That is already being shown.


Yes, identity. What Microsoft has done is partner itself with 3rd party publishers more than the other two. They have secured DLC and timed exclusive windows more than the other two. What they haven't done as much is create their own games. They have also gone in a different direction mid-through with Kinect while alienating any new products for the already existing hardcore. So what they've done essentially is coast on existing IP's and only innovating through Kinect which turned out to be very limited as far as gaming applications. Xbox Live has also coasted through the years by not expanding it's actual gameplay elements within the multiplayer experience. Instead they keep moving forward in the social aspect and attaining apps outside of gaming.

"No, but the content is what is going to decide..."

I'm not sure if that is going to keep growing for them if they feel the need to charge just to gain access.

"I believe the wow factor comes from playing with your friends..."

This again is ruined by phishing scams and the plethora of immaturity, racism and aggressive behavior. When one pays for a service they expect it to cater to the overall experience for everyone much more so. They started off with noble ideas of having Recreation, Pro and all of that. What happened is everyone just got lumped into Recreation. They did a poor job at controlling the different settings. Yes you can mute players but there needs to be a better way of controlling the users experience.

"You need to surpass in areas that matters..."

I agree, the Xbox Live community needs to be the place where people want to be and not just because that's where all their friends are. Or because Microsoft has made backdoor deals in attaining timed exclusive content and paid to withhold the experience for others that aren't on Live. They also need to make it so the online portions of games are not being held hostage unless you pay on top of the amount you already did for the game.

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iNathan1955d ago

Finally Microsoft!

Some cool apps

Ben_Grimm1954d ago


Definitely a nice addition. Love the stuff they have on there.

TheGamingArt1954d ago

They're all crap .... way to brag... Quality > quantity

guitarded771954d ago

What, you can't find something to like there? More services is a good thing on any platform. Although the 40 apps thing is kinda deceiving since they are spread out across region. US is getting 11 of them, which is good. I'll use the Gametrailers and Machinima aps on occasion.

Hufandpuf1954d ago

most of them are for different countries. Stop bullshitting MS and release some real content. I don't like Halo 4, and no, I'm not rushing out to buy the latest Gears, so stop shoing ads for those games every other panel.

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