Microsoft throws one last middle finger to Blu ray

XF is reporting that several retailers have been notified by Microsoft to lower, scratch that, free-fall the price of HD DVD to 50 dollars US within the next seven days. The site suggests this could take advantage of casual or "misinformed" consumers while at the same time liquidating the remaining stock.

You're reading that right. It's not a 50 dollar price cut. It's a price cut to 50 dollars.

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tk3775d ago

Toshiba dropped it
MS dropped it

HD-DVD is dead
Now even MS is admitting it.
Move on.
Let us have the party.
Close the chapter.
Get some real news.

GunShotEddy3775d ago

You're really so whiny that a major piece of discontinued hardware taking a price cut that makes it cheaper than new games is not news?

Grow up. Stop whining and get over it. It's a liquidation of stock and you want to b&tch about it like it affects you? Go cry to mommy.

The format war is over. It's still news kid.

ravinash3775d ago

I love the way MS is trying to screw people over one last time by selling them a lemon.

GunShotEddy3775d ago

I know it's dead and still 50 bucks has me tempted. DANG YOU MS! Great collectors item I guess.

fenderputty3775d ago

I don't really see how this is a big "middle finger." In actuallity, this type of sale would have the BD camp laughing and celebrating in victory. Interesting spin I guess.

What's the motivation to buy into a dead format? All movies that were HD-DVD exclusive will now go BD. I understand the motivation to sell all that crap off and try to cut costs but I don't see any reason to buy this at all, not even for 20 bucks.

fenderputty3775d ago

when people disagree, I just chalk it up to hurt fanboy feelings. This instance is no different. Whoever thinks this is anything but an invetory blow-out of useless stock is either stupid or hasn't been reading all the format news constatnly posted on N4G.

SWORDF1SH3775d ago

i dont see this as a middle finger to blu ray, i see this as more of a middle finger to the people who buy the hd dvd drive. what is the use of a drive for a soon to be redundant format?? dont buy it. jus buy another game.

BenzMoney3775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

"Whoever thinks this is anything but an invetory blow-out of useless stock is either stupid or hasn't been reading all the format news constatnly posted on N4G."

I don't think that's why people are disagreeing with you. They're disagreeing that its 'useless' or not even worth $20.

HD-DVD players are still exceptional upscaling DVD players and they play a catalogue of more than 100 HD-DVD titles (not sure on the exact number). Hell, I spend more than $50 on beer on a Friday night. I noticed these (Toshiba HD-A2's) going for like $30 or less on Ebay yesterday. Hell, that's cheaper than DVD players.

Don't forget - THEY STILL PLAY (and upscale) DVDs. Anyone who fails to realize THAT is either stupid, or can just chalk it up to 'fanboy feelings'.

AzaziL3775d ago

now it's an affordable option after it dies, and to think if M$ was smart and just put the HD-DVD in the 360 in the first place, it may have been a whole different ballgame. Micro$oft = epic fail

fenderputty3775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

That's great an all but, the 360 already upscales DVD's without the MS add-on drive. This drive is usefull for only playing HD-DVD material or giving your 360 drive a break if you're super anal. This is why it's not worth 20 bucks.

BTW ... none of what you said makes this any less of an inventory blow out.

GunShotEddy3775d ago

You sound like a pissy fanboy. Please take that to the Open Zone. This is a liquidation that can actually benefit those who 1. collect, 2. want a cheap HD option and have (oh I dunno burners and internet access), and whatever other reason an individual has to purchase the device.

By showing that you can't just let people be, you show what a sad little fanboy you are. Now when you balls drop or you get into the real world, you'll realize there are several reasons depending on the person that justifies "to them" a purchase like this.

Now please either grow up or go to the "Open Zone" where fanboy behavior is tolerated.

Bubble Buddy3775d ago

I am seriously going to warn any oblivious customers to this, it's just evil if they don't know what's happening.

BenzMoney3775d ago

"BTW ... none of what you said makes this any less of an inventory blow out."

Please don't tell me that you're REALLY that dense. Did you not read my first sentence in the last post? Here, I'll repeat it for you. Read slowly:

- I don't think that's why people are disagreeing with you. They're disagreeing that its 'useless' or not even worth $20. -

Yes, of course it's an inventory blow-out! Christ, how stupid do you think people are?

What I was saying is that it's not a complete waste of money, like you pretend it is. Yes, my 360 is an upscaling DVD player, but it can't play the large inventory of HD-DVDs. Not only that, but lots of people don't like prematurely wearing out their drive by watching movies on it.

My point stands. $20 for an HD-DVD drive is not a waste of money. It is still an excellent upscaling dvd player that also happens to play a back catalogue of hd-dvds that you can get for dirt cheap right now. For people who aren't interested in spending (wasting?) large sums of money on a movie collection, it might be worth a purchase. That isn't for you to decide. Cut the elitest crap.

fenderputty3775d ago

more like realist. Do us a favor and go find a post of mine trashing the 360 or Wii. You're going to be looking for some time.

This article wasn't about standalone players. It's about MS's add-on. With the exception of it being a collectable or someone having a HD-DVD burner, there is NO reason to buy this for the 360 as it already upscales DVD's and NO future content will be made for it.

"By showing that you can't just let people be, you show what a sad little fanboy you are."

It's called educating the ignorant. Jesus ... pull the stick out man. The title of this article has more flame in it then my posts.

uxo223775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

I can catch all the clearance HDDVD movies out there, plus I can play regular dvds on it. Hell, how could anyone pass this up for 50 bucks. I mean, a cheap DVD players costs about that much.

There's fifty bucks I'm willing to waste.

Hell, you spend more than that on a game that you later found out was

i Shank u3775d ago

since im an early 360 adopter and connected through component, my 360 does NOT serve as an upscaling DVD player; it actually makes my DVDs look like crap in comparison to my PS2. yep, ps2 lol. and im not going to go out and buy the VGA adapter or component to HDMI cord either so it can upscale; instead i'll buy this HDDVD player for $50, get 5 Free HDDVDs w/it (i hope they still do that for the sale), and take back the $40 upscaling DVD player i recently got. If they give you 5 free movies with it (thats $10 per as hell), thats a really sweet deal : )

Bathyj3775d ago

I wouldn't take this if it was free. Seriously, I might be tempted to waste money on HDDVD movies and I might has well flush cash down the toilet if I'm going to do that.

No thanks M$, you can have your middle finger back.

Lifendz3775d ago

No. This can't be /sarcasm off.

If a company is willing to do this to it's consumers it's not a company I want to do business with.

SlappyMcTaint3775d ago

Why is it a middle finger to Blu-Ray? Over-dramatize much?

It's called a firesale, and it doesn't change the fact you're buying DEAD TECHNOLOGY.

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Yi-Long3775d ago

... and than it would maybe still have been alive. Now, it's pretty useless.

fenderputty3775d ago

this isn't an attempt at gaining market share. HD-DVD is offically dead. Toshiba isn't even going to support it any more. It has no studio support as well. All this is, is an attempt to sell of the remaing dead inventory to try and recover costs. The title of this article should read, "MS tossing up one last perverbial "middle finger" to it's loyal and misguided fans.

Thoas3775d ago

Agony of defeat has them trying to hurt innocence people new to HD type things. Sad day for HD-DVD and M$ *shakes head in disgust*

uxo223775d ago

Man please, STOP HATING.

No one believes that you honestly care about the "loyal and misguided fans" of Microsoft. All you appear to be doing to me and wasting your breath whining about something that you can't prevent.

There are plenty of great HDDVD titles out there that will be on clearance and the "loyal and misguided fans" can benefit from getting both the addon player and the cheap movies. Come on man, you could easily spend 50 bucks taking your girl to a movie these days (Throwing in the munches). And that's only one movie that you didn't get to keep.

If I see one for 50 bucks, um snatching it. But, I'll feel good knowing that you Fenderputty cares about me.

i Shank u3775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

fenderput - dude im sure not a misguided fan. an HDDVD, upscaling dvd player that might come with 5 free HDDVDs for $50? thats a good deal, no misguided decisions there. and if people buy this expected it to be a viable, long standing format like DVD, well then that's their fault for not doing their research.

For me it'll be like buying 5 HD movies at $10 a pop and getting a free HDDVD player. read my post above; i recently bought a regular upscaling DVD player for $40 w/no extras. this is a much better deal then that

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bootsielon3775d ago

Even at that price. Hell, even if it's free, it's costly to own since it consumes space and energy. I should be paid to own that piece of crap.

ambientFLIER3775d ago

You should be paid to own a hi-definition movie player with a large labriry of titles and upscaling capabilities on all your old dvds? Ok...moron.

Stubacca3775d ago

There's hardly a "large library of titles" mate. They didn't even release Jaws on HD-DVD! I've seen more choice in Saudi Prison.

Use the same $50 bucks when you trade in your wii60 and games for the mighty Black Blu-ray Beast.

upscaling capabilities come as standard...moron.

Slayer OP3775d ago

I can buybett things wth 50 bucks

A video game

A nice dinner

A hooker (not really lol)

Ill take my money elsewhere since no one will invest in HD DVD,

bym051d3775d ago

Oh, you can get something from a hooker for $50, but I'm not sure you'd want it.

Lifendz3775d ago

funny stuff. Made me actually lol.