Sega Sues Level 5 for Patent infringement, seeking 900 million yen in damages

GC: Sega has sued Level 5 for infringing on their patents.

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majiebeast1958d ago

Sega can burn for all i care what a d!ck move.

insomnium21958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

I don't know what the fuss is all about but I just realized that you are down to 1 bubble too? That's strange since iirc your comments are great all round. You piss someone off? LOL!

INehalemEXI1958d ago

hmm I say settle outa court for bout 5 sumn give or take a few hunned.

SAE1958d ago

Gave you a bubble , i hate this bubble thing ..

badz1491958d ago

Sega is doing the Apple now? WTF Sega??

FarEastOrient1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

From original source:

"Game but a mechanism to manipulate the characters by touching the screen with your finger or pen, the claim in the complaint Sega "two patents acquired by the company has been compromised" and. I have sold more than 300 million has 8 series in the works, and about 900 million yen was supposed to enter as royalties."

Have they been paying attention to the WiiU or Smartphone games. This is already a feature that has been out there for years.

darthv721958d ago

it relates to the platform but specifically to the game. otherwise (as you say) they could try and sue every company that makes a touch type game.

It is something specific in how the person and the onscreen action are manipulated not just simply the manipulation.

admiralvic1957d ago

Same elements, different situations...

Apple didn't need to sue Samsung, they just did that to remain on top / make the competition look bad.

Sega is doing bad financially, so I wouldn't be shocked if they went with this reach to stay alive for a little longer.

IAMERROR1957d ago

man this sucks, both are great companies.

HammadTheBeast1957d ago

Sega's gone way downhill. Instead of a proper Sonic game, they give us garbage over and over.

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SonyNGP1958d ago

I have a feeling that this will backfire and put Sega into some deep s****.

Smurf11958d ago

I hope so, it's pretty disgusting thing to do by Sega.

sway_z1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

Our beloved games industry is already suffering in some quarters, so this class suit action is particularly saddening.

With all the developer/publishing houses closing over the last few years, this activity doesn't help, but merely serves to erode the industry, and sadly if continues...our gaming industry is in danger of self-consumption.

Remember the big industry crash of the late 80's & early 90's?

Too young? ...Go Google ;0

SAE1958d ago

I want Dark Cloud , i beg you level 5 T_T ...

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The story is too old to be commented.