To All The Vita Haters: Remember When The PSP Started Slow?

The PSP didn't exactly storm out of the gate, either. And now, 80 million+ sales later, are we really going to call the PSP a failure? This sounds familiar...

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Nitrowolf21962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

And remember when the PS3 started slow? Look where it is now, pumping out exclusives left to right and having strong sales numbers that are nearly equal to Xbox 360 now.

People love hating on new consoles, the 3DS received the same hate treatment, but now that PS Vita is out and selling far less, it's all doom and gloom for it (vita). In a year tops it will be a completely different story, maybe the shift will go to the next gen console, who knows, either way we are going to see a lot more of these next year when MS or Sony announced their next console.

Not only that, but Doom and Gloom articles are the best kind when it comes to getting site hits. Look, every website goal is to get hits, I understand that but there are far more legit ways to get the same affect.

Outside_ofthe_Box1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

The funny thing is people still view the PSP and PS3 as failures. The PSP is a failure because it didn't out sell the DS and the PS3 is failure because it failed to maintain the 90+ million gap between it and the next best selling console like it did last gen, crazy I know. So I doubt the Vita will be seen as a success no matter how much it sales in the future as people will find every excuse in the book.

insomnium21962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

Yeah people are extremely quick to brush this gen under the carpet so they can declare X360 the winner or at most tied with PS3 in lifetime sales. It's easy. Just put your fingers in your ears, close your eyes and say "la la la la" and all the things you don't want to see or hear will suddenly dissapear.

Who me? Yeah I'm the one who's been saying "just you wait" by the time when X360 folks called me the "waitstation" supporter waaay back 5 years ago and laughed at me for it. Silly people.

This gen is just about to hit it's last phase where PS3 sells another 30-50 million consoles atleast. In the end we all know who has the egg on their face. What can I say. I told you so. There I said it. This has ALWAYS been a 10-tear-"marathon".

The hate is big on every Sony console wether it's a handheld or a home console. Everyone wants to see the big players crash and burn and even though Sony's TV section has pretty much done that people are not satisfied until their GAMING department does the same. It's strange I give you that but that's the way it seems to be. The 3DS got some hate on it for the very same reason though not in the same ballpark as Sony consoles.

I'm sorry for bringing once again some of the old stuff on the table. Please don't be offended. I'm doing it to bring insight to the table NOT because I'm trolling. I think it's very relevant regarding the TOPIC at hand so if you want to mark me for trolling I'll smh in disbelief and cry with all my might.

CaptainPunch1962d ago

This is why you give things time.

miyamoto1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

Playing SD Gundam G Generation World right now.
Its awesomely fun

Like I said before the gaming media on the internet has corrupted and perverted the way many kids today think of video games.

Its ridiculous sales, sales figures,sales trivia, whoring.
Good luck to those who are infected with this dreadful disease. See if you can shake that disease.

Hardware and software and game companies are mainly judged on sales figures without even hands on experience with them products.

You guys know who are responsible for this foolishness. Who brought upon us this false view of success.

The power of the dark side is very strong in this gen.

The only way to shake this off is go back to your gaming roots when you were younger and never mind the fanboy, console war bollocks.

Enjoy your gaming machines & games regardless of sales figures.

Less listening to the blood sucking gaming media and sales fanboys.
They can distort bend twist the truth for all I care.
Nature has a natural way with dealing with them.

Happy gaming to all, specially to those who play software and hardware that "sold less'.

DOMination-1962d ago

Actually this is very different from how i remember the psp launch.

I remember it being very successful and by far outselling the ds. Then a month later GTA came out and blew everyone away. It wasn't until six month or so later when the ds lite hit with brain training and new super Mario bros. That things swung the other way. After that Nintendo kinda ran away with it.

That's how it happened in the UK anyway

Detoxx1961d ago

The Vita is gonna do better after some more major releases, like GTA

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