5 Things Dark Souls II Must Do

Dark Souls is definitely an engrossing and well-designed game, and since it made a bigger splash than the Black Hydra in Ash Lake, the announcement of a sequel isn’t all that surprising.

So, since it’s probably, and hopefully, going to take a lot of time and effort for it to reach the gamers’ thumbs and fingers, why not list the five most important improvements and choices Dark Souls II should make?

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Xof1955d ago

Dark Souls "must" do only one thing: be as good a game or better than its prior incarnations.

And considering how conservative a developer FROM software has been for the past few decades, the odds of that happening are pretty damn close to 100%.

maelstromb1955d ago

That, and see release on the PC platform. I will be a very happy soul if that comes to pass!

Xof1955d ago

I thought it was already confirmed for PC?

If not, then yeah, PC release, please.

AbyssGravelord1955d ago

It has been confirmed for PC since day 1, I only hope they drop GFWL and stick with Steamworks.

j-blaze1955d ago

i can't take this piece seriously it's full of stupidity especially 3, 4 and 5

BabyTownFrolics1955d ago

Dark Souls II must ignore shitty websites and their useless articles

TopDudeMan1955d ago

I definitely disagree with 3 and 5. But I still think the series could improve on the story with more side-stories like the cleric one and the catarina knights and stuff like that. They have so many characters in dark souls and didn't really utilise them the way they could have to tell the story better.

Dark-soul1955d ago

i hope atmosphere will be same, and feeling that you really are disconected from the world, same good game play, more mystery and more secrets :)

-GametimeUK-1955d ago

I loved the change from Demons souls to Dark souls and would love a change on the same scale as the previous installment. I doubt that will happen since this is a direct sequel. I will be very happy with more of the same whilst focusing on performance, balancing and of course keeping the difficulty ramped up. If anything I say increase it. If they want a new audience with a sequel they should make a new IP.

Love the series and I think it is in trust worthy hands. Full blown new features would rock my socks off, though.

Panzerkanzler1955d ago

Dark Souls..II?! *squeals like a piggie filled to it´s curly tail with boundless joy*

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