GDC 2008: IGN's LEGO Batman First Look

Back when LEGO Star Wars was first announced people were understandably skeptical of the feasibility of creating a videogame based on not one, but two franchises, and still having it be fun to play. Nevertheless, Traveller's Tales stepped up to the challenge and melded a cute art style with innocently engaging gameplay that clicked with an alarming number of players. Now Batman is being charged with wrapping his storied franchise around a world built by LEGOs. While IGN were once again skeptical of the ability of the characters to make the transition, after seeing the game at this year's Game Developer's Conference they've learned to keep their thoughts to themselves.

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gamesblow3748d ago

Just can't get into...

Pandemic is set to announce a new Batman game any day/week now. I'd be more interested in that, but given it's off the new movie... I'm on the fence about it.

If it uses the Mercenaries engine, I could get a tad excited again, though.