The Helghast’s Last Stand: Blip’s Ideas for Killzone 4

Don Mitchell, aka Blip 74 from GOS, gives his thoughts and ideas on what changes and features should be in the next Killzone title.

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remanutd551809d ago

What the check? I was expecting an article about killzone 4 campaign and how the Helghast would fight back at the ISA instead I got into an online multiplayer wish list for the next killzone bah

Outside_ofthe_Box1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

KZ is about the MP.

With that said the only valid point the guy made was his first paragraph. Everything else would completely destroy the balance which Killzone is known for, but was lost in KZ3 due to CoDification.

Guerrilla Games simply need to go back to KZ2 roots and improve upon that like they should have done with KZ3. KZ4 should be the the true sequel to KZ2.

MizTv1808d ago

Kz2 is the perfect mp in my eyes
It played great
Good classes
32 player
To lvl up a class you must play as that class
And the shotgun is fn badass

AdmiralSnake1808d ago

Killzone 2 multiplayer got annoying.

Everybody was literally just spawn trapping every single map, especially Radic Academy and abusing the tactician class.

It was good for what they intended to be, but it got ugly real quick and repetitive.

Outside_ofthe_Box1808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )


I am totally aware of the issues KZ2 had. That's where the "improve upon" comes in. There have been countless number of suggestions to improve KZ2 on the KZ forums. Base raping or spawn trapping or whatever you want to call it can be fixed. The spawn grenade should have certain restrictions on where it should be thrown. For instance, base camps would have a radius around it were it would be illegal to throw a spawn grenade and thus prevent the spawn trapping.

There are a multitude of issues. I just hope Guerrilla Games looks at the posts and suggestions people have been making on the KZ forums over the last couple of years when making the KZ4 multiplayer.

Maddens Raiders1808d ago

That's funny.

I've loved the Killzone story and MP together since KZ1. For one person to say that it's all about "________" or all about "________" is simply asinine.

rbluetank1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

very good read. there is no wrong ideas when people are just sharing their thoughts. i would like a medic to get exclusive emblems,cloths,gear and xp. i want a medic to get rewarded for being a good medic. a medic should get a extra health boost for reviving three (Different) people. the health boost or ect will help them stay focus on reviving more people. when a medic revives 5 different people; you get a health grenade or ect that gives a certain amout of health to teammates. At 8 different revives a medic gets a pulse health wave machine or ect. Each of the medic revives streaks rewards comes with a certain xp and different xp. a medic that revives the same person over gets less xp and no revive streak reward.

When a medic is running around killing people with a "sniper rifle" and not reviving people they get less xp for kills then if they revive and diss out health. i do have some balance issue in my medic reward streaks. it just a thought.

sandman2241808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

I can't wait till the next killzone is released. One thing I would like for the multiplayer is to get rid of the black and white screen when you die. I want to enjoy the 3rd person perspective in color when I die. It takes away from the pretty visuals. Does anyone else feel the same way?

Nicaragua1808d ago

Out of all aspects of the game this is the one i care about the least.

AdmiralSnake1808d ago

Killzone multiplayer is extremely dry. This is coming from someone who's owned all of them and played the multiplayer from all of them.

Although this has to do more with the players than the multiplayer in some cases. It relies heavy on teamwork which many lack on Killzone unfortunately.

There's barely any community features.... They should take some of the community ideas from Halo and Call of duty, however keep the gameplay simply Killzone.

MizTv1808d ago

Just make the mp more like kz2 and I will never stop playing this game ever!!!!!

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