110° DUST 514 Previewed: More like EVE Online than you’d think

Although derided by the PC master race for being a console exclusive, the resemblance that DUST 514 has to its elder brother EVE Online is staggering. From the way the game starts, its music, its menu system, even the way you outfit your soldiers — all of it has that traditional EVE feeling. This is on purpose of course, considering that both games are planned to seamlessly partner with each other, a feat never successfully achieved in the history of gaming.

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Jsynn71992d ago

Played the beta. So much fun. Love the depth of customization. I like the leveling system too. Thought this would be out by now but I guess there still working things. No biggie, looking forward to this one

Furesis1992d ago

i played the beta as well and let me tell you the gameplay is BAAAD and the customization is way to comlicated i had no idea what i was doing i like the whole idea of the game and being a mercenary an all that good stuff but i don't know i just can't see me playing this game anymore after playing the beta

caseh1991d ago


Same here, wasn't impressed. Very complicated for the uninitiated into this kind of FPS.

Just felt aimless for the hour or two that I played. You really need to watch or read tutorials so for the pick up and play gamer having to wade through tutorials for a Beta is asking a bit much.

youndamie1992d ago

Yea I will be playing this regularly when it releases, like the whole EVE Universe atmosphere.

Ares901992d ago

how can I get into the beta?

Jsynn71992d ago

Buy the mercenary pack in the PSN store or google it and find out what site are still giving them away.

soundslike1992d ago

Go to playstation home, find the dust area, follow the instructions

if its still there its a free way in

Ares901991d ago

do I have to play that strategy game?

Nicaragua1992d ago

I've got a spare beta key. Message me if your interested.