GDC 2008: New, Kickass Ninja Gaiden 2 Footage

Destructoid writes:

"During Microsoft's keynote at GDC 2008, Tomonobu Itagaki took the stage to show off the newest level from Ninja Gaiden 2.

Itagaki acknowledges that Japan's videogames have lost a bit of the impact that they once had, but he assured us that Team Ninja and Tecmo have been working on something special, and he flew in from Tokyo to show it off."

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Homicide3798d ago

This game looks so amazing. Can't wait for June.

BLACKJACK VII3798d ago (Edited 3798d ago )

Wow, it's a shame the vid quality is so bad, but NG2 is looking sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo o killer ! Man, I cant wait - another article said they were targeting a June release date, good stuff.

onewinedangel3798d ago

i actually think it look like sigma graphic wise but there is no inovation now im more hype about god of war chains ,and what nothing new to the genre mehhh i m not gonna buy never although i think it willl help alot ms this year but if this fable and gears two is its line up umm they are in serious problems

dachiefsman3798d ago

while you are entitled to your opinion...I think you are seriously off base, but it was hard to understand what you were saying since the clarity of you sentence structures was lacking.

Method3798d ago

Sorry all I read was "DURR HURR I'M A RETARD".

bababrooks3798d ago

why comment on something you know nothing about? leave the games to the gamers!

Martini3798d ago

Thanks for your thoughtfull input onebubbleangel (soon to be) :)

antoinetm3798d ago

stop your blind fanboyism, this game just look like sigma with just a few shaders added...
- no destructible environments
- no ragdoll physics on the bodies before they disappear.

i m not saying its a bad thing, it has the same great feeling and i would definitely buy it if i had a 360 since i consider this being the best action-adventure game out there.

this is no heavenly sword gfx wise but the gaiden gameplay > *.

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Keowrath3798d ago

looks amazing. Glad to see than in the original vid this game is more than just buckets of blood. I'd love to see this in high def.

The record feature is cool too. I know a lot of original NG players uploaded their Karma runs and flawless rounds to youtube, this will make displaying your skill and watching others easy.

Sound was very atmospheric, if Itagaki can just hire a decent writer this is gonna be one of the games of 08 for me.

mintaro3798d ago

they have this vid on xbox live, looks eally promising

The Closing3798d ago

Unlike another game I know.

Method3798d ago

Does it involve 2 lesbians and a generic story about an emperor trying to rule the land?

If so I might know the name of it...

fenderputty3798d ago

anything from NG2. I loved the sigma and this one looks to be much better. Still ... HS is an awesome game. Short but, I've yet to be drawn into a story line in such a way.

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