Final Fantasy Celebrates its 25 Years with Distant Worlds

Last Saturday, Montreal welcomed all Final Fantasy fans for the Distant Worlds show, presented by Attila Glatz Concert Productions. The show in question was very different from Video Games Live, for it was a concert where the music composed by the great Nobuo Uematsu touched the hearts of Final Fantasy lovers. The only thing missing were star dusts falling from the sky. The music might have been amazing, but none of these powerful emotions would have been felt if it hadn't been for the fans "participation".

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nassour1776d ago

Some of gamings greatest music

Jon_Fu_1776d ago

Final fantasy music tickles my funny place. Nobuo San is a genius!!

Niyari21775d ago

Don't u mean "...caresses my soul." ?

DevilRebellion1775d ago

Music makes me want to play the games all over again!

Omnislash1775d ago

The day that this orchestra comes to my town I will buy tickets immediately!

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