Mass Effect 3′s Omega DLC could have been better

Mass Effect 3's new DLC is okay, but it definitely could have been better.

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Godmars2901962d ago

Cheaper anyway.

Wonder who paid the $15 and was it worth it to EA?

pangitkqb1962d ago

Mass Effect deserves better.

AIndoria1962d ago

@pangitkqb I was actually talking about if it was worth it to EA :P

Thefreeman0121962d ago

I wouldn't pay more than a few bucks for it. I've never actually bought Dlc because it never seems worth it....I wanna get my hands on ME3 and skyrim dlc when it goes to like 4 dollars a peice

cervantes991962d ago

I paid $15 for this and wasted my money. I wanted to go back to Omega but this was not the way. Oh well.

showtimefolks1962d ago

but that could be said for most of the dlc.

but $15 really EA? EA is different kind of greedy

WitWolfy1962d ago

Thats why I got mine for free. Thanks again JTAG

da_2pacalypse1962d ago

ME3, as a whole, could have been a lot better...

HellFeast1961d ago

Bioware is getting really good at making anticlimactic endings.