GDC 2008 PlayStation Coverage

by IGN PlayStation Team:

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Though Sony is keeping this year's GDC a little more low-key than what we saw last year, there's still plenty of stuff for PlayStation fans to drool over.

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RIPHDDVD3713d ago (Edited 3713d ago )

Sony knows what they're doing. They're saving the big announcements for E3 and TGS. GDC's never been anything special. E3 and TGS = Sony's territory.

Violater3713d ago (Edited 3713d ago )

Home and LBP so your assessment is somewhat flawed.

And I suspect as was done with Resistance 1 this year will be more of a tech demo than an intro to the game itself, well it being a Game Developers Conference and all.

But who knows maybe there will still be a surprise waiting for us.
Wont get my hopes up to be disappointed, I would rather be pleasantly surprised.

Edit: someone disagreed with no stated reason why, I really wish they would keep that crap on the open side.

C_SoL3713d ago

expect more tomorrow.

Peekay3713d ago

But i think Sony only showed stuff last year cos everyone thought they had nothing. They showed Uncharted, Heavenly sword, LBP, and Home.

I don't think they have much to prove this year. This is a developers conference so i reckon a lot of integration with home will be shown. Maybe R2. I'm hoping for more. Expect Sony to own at E3 though.

barom3713d ago

yup I don't think GDC has been a place to announce big stuff. It's a game "developer" conference anyway. LBP fitted perfectly for that part (in some ways at least). And who knew it was gonna be that big. Also info about Home was leaked out thanks to Kotaku. So I guess that's why Home was shown at such an early stage.

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mintaro3713d ago (Edited 3713d ago )

sony's been really quiet so far

EDIT: for those who disagreed with me, can you please tell me what, if any, announcemetns have been made by sony

pwnsause3713d ago

wait, doesnt insomniac have a presentation soon?

vloeistof3713d ago

where is resistance 2 ????

Greysturm3713d ago

All the info will come on sony gamers day as for gdc they are focusing on developers not gamers which is why they hold a conference on developing items, location etc for home and its roadmap to the future.

While new games and all gaming related info will be presented on Sony gamers day.

ash_divine3713d ago

when is that exactly? does anyone know?

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The story is too old to be commented.