New Club Nintendo Featured Game Reward - 1080 Snowboarding

Mini Fortress: "Is your body ready? If not, work your body, wo-work your body to get ready for 1080 Snowboarding being available as the newest Club Nintendo reward."

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OneAboveAll2021d ago

Meh, good when it first came out. Wish it was in HD.

robparko2021d ago

HD version would definitely be cool, but the game is still great now in despite of its outdated graphics.

PS4isKing_822021d ago

would have preferred wave race 64 or pilotwings 64 myself :) damn now i want an n64 lol

sitharrefus2021d ago

o man imagine that in HD that would be great!

Canary2021d ago

I remember loving the game back in the day.
Then it got replaced by SSX. Man, SSX used to be awesome.

Since the latest SSX was such rubbish, maybe I ought to give 1080 another go. Has it aged well? I've got 1000+ CN points and none of the rewards are terribly appealing to me.

robparko2021d ago

It's a little rough around the edges, but it's still playable. Might take some time to get used to the control scheme again though.

Xof2021d ago

Well, I don't think there were any bottomless pits, so it's already got a huge advantage over the latest SSX.