5 Things I Want to See in the Next Call of Duty

Aaron from takes a good long look at the immensely popular Call of Duty series and figures out what could make the next game even better.

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TruthbeTold1993d ago

I'm sure many people would disagree, and I'm glad that for those of you who are really into constant new releases they release it often - But personally, I'd like to see there be a break in CoD games. No new ones for a few years while they figure out a slightly new direction, and build worthwhile engines for the next generation consoles.

ardivt1993d ago

Year but I think it's pretty hard to find that New
Direction. Just look at all These lists and you realize that there aren't too many things cod hasn't already done.
The only Thing i can imagine are complete Open World Levels and destructable environments. Gameplay wise thats all I can think of

JeffGUNZ1992d ago

There is no doubt that they are working on a next gen COD. You don't think think that if a new Xbox releases in the fall next year that COD will not have a next gen COD ready to fall? COD fans love the game, all they really want is some new additions and tweaks to spice it up for the year. Sure, the fad will die out over the years, but I still can't wait to play them. I love the fast reaction based game and I have a blast with my buddies. Also, Black Ops 2is the best since COD4 I think just simply on the fact your challenges and weapon challenges all remain after prestige. I have 2-3 weapons all maxed out, weapon preteiged and all camos unlocked. They actually don't make it a punishment for presteiging in this game and the permanent unlock token to unlock your favorite gun is genius too.

TruthbeTold1991d ago

Of course they are working on new CoD games. But are they working on anything inherently new or innovative for the series? Graphically, are they going to put in the effort? Because they have not been doing those things to a better than decent extent these past few years. That is why I feel it would be best if they waited. But no worries, they'll release another one next year as usual...

JeffGUNZ1991d ago

That's too early to know one way or the other. I am confident they will deliver beautiful graphics at 60FPS. I am hoping the new engine can do some destructible environments. I think it is evident if they want COD to be a beast next console generation, they will have to spruce it up. Just don't expect the core mechanics to change as that is what makes COD so appealing to most.

RandomManA1993d ago

I like that idea better than every other item on my list.

KillerBBs1993d ago

Hit detection.
lets be honest... the hit detection is very pore.
in fact i cant recall a game other than GEARS one and two with worst hit detection.
What.. client side servers? What are you thinking. Must I lag my connection to enjoy this title.
it took 50 updates to make the first title playable... Get on it.

JeffGUNZ1992d ago

What system are you playing on? I understand that the hit detection will never be perfection, even on dedicated servers it's impossible to get perfect. I play on the 360 and even though i notice a less than perfect hit detection, it has never really impacted the game for me whatsoever.

Twignberries1993d ago

5 Things I Want to See in the Next Call of Duty:

That it doesn't ever exist.

csreynolds1993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

I imagine this PoV won't sit well with many, but I think it's time Call of Duty took a very long break. Year after year it's the same thing: months of hype, an epic midnight launch, and then a bucket load of problems and complaints until the next game's announced and the cycle repeats.

CoD games are ruining the industry IMO. There are so many amazing IPs out there that do not get a look in because everyone's playing this, dare I say it, lacklustre franchise. It's a huge shame. There is a wealth of platformers, racers, RPGs, fighters, strategy games and OTHER shooters available that will grant you far more entertainment and pleasure than this laggy, frustrating, dominated-by-obnoxious-abusive -oxygen-thieves FPS. It's taken me a while to realise it, but since I quit CoD I've enjoyed gaming a hell of a lot more.

True story.

JeffGUNZ1992d ago

I respect your opinion but I just don't see any real correlation with COD ruining the gaming industry. You think people who are obsessed with COD would stop to play a game like Mass Effect 3, or Alan Wake, or Heavy Rain? See, you are a thinking from a perspective of a once COD fan but a person who enjoys more types of games. COD diehards don't care much about other games. COD is great for the industry in my opinion as it seems to make other companies try and make games to topple it. Battlefield has gotten so much more popular on consoles because of COD. A lot of games have taken ideas from COD4 ranking and prestige system. I would agree with you if COD was a complete piece of garbage, but millions upon millions are not buying a game that is garbage, they are buying a great product. Are there issues? Sure, like every other game released. I play it for the 360 and never run into any of the issues that everyone on this site complains about, nor do my friends I play with. COd is the bench mark for FPS right now, but like everything, its time will pass. Just let people enjoy the ride while it lasts.

I do believe IW is dead, their games show no real effort since they lost the head honchos after MW2. Treyarch actually brings new stuff to the table and balances the games well.

csreynolds1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

Thank you for commenting. However, I have to disagree with you on a number of points, I'm afraid...

"COD is great for the industry in my opinion as it seems to make other companies try and make games to topple it."

True. Call of Duty does inspire developers to make better games, but we never get a better game, do we? Instead, we get more generic, copy/paste, SSDD shooters (Medal of Honor, Syndicate, Crysis etc.) that fail to find a place in the market. To that end, CoD is in effect encouraging the creation of sub-standard FPSs.

Battlefield 3 is the exception, but its success is not down to CoD. The Battlefield franchise kicked off in 2002; Call of Duty's inception happened a year afterwards in 2003. The CoD franchise actually spent its first few years wanting to be Battlefield – not the other way around – and only gained momentum with 2007’s Modern Warfare. Most gamers think CoD started it all. Wrong. Battlefield did, in fact. I urge you to read up on it, as you’ll be surprised by what you learn.

"I would agree with you if COD was a complete piece of garbage, but millions upon millions are not buying a game that is garbage, they are buying a great product [...] I play it for the 360 and never run into any issues"

Sure - CoD games play great on 360, the platform on which each title is developed. The PS3 versions, conversely, are shoddy ports. Because Activision sits in Microsoft's pocket, the 360 versions are significantly better as far as multiplayer performance and support are concerned.

Two weeks before Black Ops 2's release, I played the 360 version at an invite-only Call of Duty event in London, and it performed BRILLIANTLY. I said to everyone "buy this game! It's incredible" – no word of a lie. Though when I played the PS3 version post-launch, I instantly retracted my opinion. It was (and still is, FOUR patches later) laggy, glitchy, and causes many PS3s to lock up. Now, look at Battlefield 3; it performs consistently well across PS3, 360 and PC. Hit detection is better, it lags less and the gameplay is far more varied and enjoyable given the emphasis on teamwork – an issue CoD has yet to handle well.

"You think people who are obsessed with COD would stop to play a game like Mass Effect 3, or Alan Wake, or Heavy Rain?"

No, but THEY SHOULD. CoD is damaging the industry because its yearly instalments are saturating the market. As such, people are missing out on some truly awesome titles. Forget Battlefield for a moment; look at Borderlands, Dishonored, Assassin's Creed, Red Dead Redemption, Portal, Fallout, Need for Speed, Far Cry, GT/Forza, Bioshock, Tekken - I could go on and on. Yet most people’s friends lists read “Black Ops II, Black Ops II, Black Ops II, [other game], Black Ops II, Black Ops II, Black Ops II, [other game], Black Ops II etc. It’s criminal if you ask me.

At the end of the day, I’m just one person. As long as people continue to buy CoD irrespective of its many downfalls, it’ll dominate the market, and fantastic companies will continue to disappear into recession because their sales aren’t up to scratch. I’m not telling anyone to stop playing Call of Duty; if that’s what you want to do, fill your boots. If you enjoy spending days of game time doing essentially the same thing, awesome, keep doing so – it’s your prerogative, after all. All I’m saying is you’d be surprised how much variety, diversity and enjoyment you’re missing out on…

JeffGUNZ1991d ago

I may have given a misconception or worded it wrong. I am well aware of Battle fields inception to the gaming world. I owned and played Battlefield 2 on 360 and enjoyed it well before COD4 came out. I know BF was out before, but my point is COD4 innovated the FPS in modern combat games. I know, they are for completely different audiences. COD is run and gun and BF is team work and tactics. MY point is, The hype BF got for BFBC2 competing against MW2 really grew its audience. A lot of people I know who aren't gaming like you and I, weren't too aware of BF and they picked up BFBC2 and enjoyed it greatly. MOH and a lot of the other crappy wanna be games I am not referring too. I enjoy borderlands, assassins creed, and Mass Effect is my favorite gaming series EVER. COD is a great franchise and enjoyable, but I do believe it makes developers have the desire to be the next COD. I also specifically mentioned the 360 version as that is what I play on and I know the PS3 version is always a mess.

The problem really lies with developer and studios. They need to not cut and paste and actually try and make something innovative. That's what happened with COD4 and look at how it's such a monster now. I'm not a diehard COD fan as I love all types of games, but FPS alone, COD just has the perfect feel, the MP is done nicely, and the prestige factor is great. I really do believe the 60FPS enhances the MP and makes it feel so much more smoother.

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