Bethesda responds to numerous ‘Skyrim’ Dragonborn DLC dragon riding issues

Publisher Bethesda Softworks today responded to several issues in regards to the dragon riding mechanic that was introduced in the Dragonborn DLC for the Xbox 360 version of “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.”

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betan211235d ago

bethesda failed those who got this game on ps3 its sad... how long since this game been out again lol

LordMe1235d ago

These comments are great!

Member: "The dragon starts flying up into the air what do I do"

Bethesda: "Wait 30-60 seconds, in most cases this works"

LMAO! What kind of comment is that?!

BanBrother1235d ago (Edited 1235d ago )

Lol. Worst help you could ask for.

Person: "What do I do if I catch fire???"
Firemen:"Wait 30-60 seconds, in most cases this works"

the_eddster1235d ago

You do have to admire the fact that they have come up with the solution to every problem.

Person: "I've been in a car crash"
Ambulance: "Wait 30-60 seconds, in most cases this works"

Person: "Gamestop isn't selling the game I want"
Staff: "Wait 30-60 seconds, in most cases this works"

Riderz13371235d ago

How do I fly dragons on PS3? Plz teach me.


pandehz1235d ago

I thought the bugs were part of the Skyrim universe.

Like magically things happen lol

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