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Submitted by -Mezzo- 1160d ago | opinion piece

Xbox Live is Old News

GI - Without a doubt, Xbox Live was the best online gaming experience offered on Xbox Original and Xbox 360. Focus in on the keyword, was. The thought of Nintendo having a superior online network is laughable, so that only leaves Sony’s PlayStation Network to hold the crown for offering the best network to PS3 and PS Vita owners. Clearly the presses stopped and jaws dropped when that statement was made. It is one thing to claim that the PS3 is better than Xbox 360, which is a sometimes forgotten fact, but when the one legit advantage the Xbox has is challenged, it’s “mind-bottling”. (PS3, Xbox 360)

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-Mezzo-  +   1160d ago
Yup, Microsoft definitely needs to introduce a program similar to PS+.
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LOGICWINS  +   1160d ago
Microsoft SHOULD introduce a program similar to PS+, but they don't NEED to. You make it seem like Microsoft is in some sort of "trouble".

In 2011, XBL reached 35 million subscribers.

In 2012, that figure has jumped to 40 million subscribers.

The number of XBL users are increasing...not decreasing.
-Mezzo-  +   1160d ago
@1.1.3 -- "I stated that more and more people are realizing that PS+ is a better deal than XBL"

I did said that, but that doesn't necessarily imply that i meant "Droves" of people are switching over.

You assumed that and replied with a bunch of Stats ( For Some Reason ).

The reason i edited that part out was because i thought it might give some people the wrong idea. Which, sadly, it did.
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WilliamH  +   1160d ago
How do you not put yourself to sleep. Put a cork in that whine
LOGICWINS  +   1160d ago
"So how exactly is that good for the game?"

I never said it was. That wasn't the argument you started. Before you cleverly edited your comment, you stated that more and more people are realizing that PS+ is a better deal than XBL...implying that XBL users are switching over in "droves" to PS Plus.

That is incorrect. The number of unique XBL users have risen, not fallen. The only purpose of my comment was to counter your argument.

Are some people dumping XBL for Plus? Sure, thats possible. But not so much so that Microsoft has to worry.

Now...if you want to talk about whether or not this is good for gaming, we can discuss that in a new argument.
LOGICWINS  +   1160d ago
"The reason i edited that part out was because i thought it might give some people the wrong idea. Which, sadly, it did."

Hey man no harm no foul. I was just really confused. You must've edited your second comment five times lol. If you still want to discuss whether or not XBL is good for gaming, I'll be happy to do so here or somewhere else. Send me a PM.
nukeitall  +   1160d ago
If paid Xbox Live is good for gaming?

Let me ask you this, was anyone else, but MS pushing online play on consoles?

Was anyone else, but MS that pushing apps on consoles? Anyone else pushing Netflix?

That is the power of paid premium service similar to how HBO is a premium channel with premium content. Very few other channels match them in terms of content quality.

Most people claim it is the same, but there is a reason why people choose to pay.

It's like saying Craigslist is the same as eBay. They might do similar things, but they are in no way shape or form the same.
GraveLord  +   1160d ago
USERS not Subscribers.
They are counting silver accounts and those on the 30-day trials.

Even right there in the first article you cited it says "(last we heard, there were over 12 million Gold subscribers),".

Do you not read what you post?
youndamie  +   1160d ago
The only reason it has risen is because more people purchased the xbox, and they have to buy live to play online, unlike were its optional for psn.
showtimefolks  +   1160d ago

let's see that number once ps4 comes out at the same time as next xbox along with free psn with cross game chat. Xblive has few features that psn needs but what's to say psn won't get those next time around.

but there is also a chance that psn won't be free any more so let's see

i am not hating on xblive but all things equal why should one service be free and other worth $50-60? just to use netflix you need a gold account whole on ps3 you don't

create value for consumers

buy a used game
pay $10 for online
pay for xblive

buy the same used game for ps3
pay for online pass
and psn is free

it all comes down to value
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ThanatosDMC  +   1160d ago
I hope you know that a lot of Steam games require players to register to a Live account in order to save our progress or unlock DLC that we've all ready paid for on Steam.

Batman games, Dead Rising games, most Capcom games, etc. all require Live.
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The_Infected  +   1160d ago
I think he's saying Microsoft is dumb for charging you to do anything on Xbox Live. Here's Sony PS4 with free online, here's Valves console in 2013 with free online and then there's Microsoft the "only" console charging you "making you pay them" to use other things like Netflix which you already pay for. It's old news and a damn rip off.
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   1160d ago
The reason why XBL isn't free is because it started last gen when online gaming wasn't standard. MS saw online gaming as an additional feature, which at that the time it essentially was. But now pretty much every single game has an MP portion so charging to game on online seems borderline criminal.

Nothing wrong with a premium service, but there is something wrong in charging an additional fee for someone to play the online portion of a game that they have already paid for.
Raoh  +   1160d ago
@ nukeitall

Let me ask you this, was anyone else, but MS pushing online play on consoles?

Was anyone else, but MS that pushing apps on consoles? Anyone else pushing Netflix?

PS2 not only had SOCOM series that came with a headset and commercials that promoted communication, sony not only had an MMO, FFXI, which was primarily a console title with a pc version that resided on the same servers with international play, but they also had a first party mmo Everquest Online Adventures a first party game that ran well without a hard drive. Online fees for EQOA and FFXI were standard server support for MMO's just like with World of Warcraft.

Also before netflix, sony talked about apps and media services, its one of the reasons it came with a browser for html apps and such.

Linux desktop on ps3 as well as a PS2 linux model that also existed.

Matter of fact I recall many MS fans saying they did not want media services or apps on their console so they hated on ps3. Until MS did it too and then the same people loved the idea and thanked ms for inventing it. Just like they invented motion gaming.

Yall some fools for paying for xbl. PC gamers had it right, told MS to kick rocks. You know what MS did in return? Dropped the fees and still provided the same services they originally asked money for but now only for free.
BLAKHOODe  +   1159d ago
I can't speak for other gamers, but for me personally, after being very loyal to the brand for about 6 years, I no longer play Xbox or use Xbox Live. When it comes up for renewal, I won't renew.

About the beginning of 2012, I turned all my attention to Playstation and that's become my primary console. I use it every day for gaming, movies, Netflix and more. I feel it's interface is much more user friendly (my 5 year old uses it), that Netflix is a lot better on it and with free online gaming, it was an easy choice. Playstation Plus was just icing on an already delicious piece of cake.

I'm not hating on Xbox, though. I have high hopes for it and was a loyal customer for years, but Kinect integration into just about all aspects of it turned me OFF in a big way. I'm simple. I like things simple. And Playstation is simple to me.
Riderz1337  +   1159d ago
"Ballmer said that of those 66 million Xbox 360 consoles, there are 40 million users who have signed up for an online Xbox Live account."


black911  +   1159d ago
Xbox live only has about 45million users if that. But yet 70million sales Hmmmmmm.... I say this everytime RROD. That acount for the majority if 360 sales. PS3 owners like me stile have there original fat ps3 for years.
nukeitall  +   1159d ago

Sony wasn't pushing online play, they were merely enabling it. Dreamcast technically had the most push early on, but they died a horrible death. That said, Sony didn't push online play. Heck, PSN was a piece of shit on release and took it years to merely get the status of being similar. Even today, despite what everyone else says is the same between XBL and PSN, the technology behind PSN is still behind.

You can see this in from the OS down to the network. Example: game updates on Xbox 360 does not require a reboot of console, it's just log-in, logout automatically. Try that on PS3?

Xbox 360 OS takes 32MB fingerprint, PS3s around 48MBs. Achievements on XBL is sync incrementally, on PSN it is slow as molasses as it downloads the entire thropy list (and Sony's servers are slow).

Problems on Xbox Live is automatically reported on different apps/services:

"Also before netflix, sony talked about apps and media services, its one of the reasons it came with a browser for html apps and such."

Talking about something isn't pushing it, and neither is having it as an option. It really has to be, not only available, but have belief in the technology will succeed, continually supported with updates and new products.

Merely releasing it, and hoping it will catch on is NOT PUSHING it.

Sony pushed 3D, they barely push apps (although to Sony I think they think of it more as extension of PSN than apps).

Also, the PS3 browser is still piece of shit. It had support for Youtube, but constantly crashed making it almost useless, let alone apps.

MS pushed XBL and many of those things are now copied on other consoles and some still can't copy all the features. MS is the leader in online console gaming.

I was hoping Nintendo would challenge them and it looked like it would work, but it looks like they are botching their online network, by not supporting many basic online features we come to expect.
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Cam977  +   1159d ago
I agree with you, Plus is excellent therefore, MS should adopt a similar service. In my opinion, the cloud storage is essential to any serious gamer with an aging console.
darthv72  +   1159d ago
live is to console gaming.......
what AOL was to PC internet access. Anyone who isnt old enough to understand that analogy should stop reading.

Live introduced the world to a dedicated online system for console multiplayer. Yes there were attempts prior via seganet or even going further back with xband and older. Those failed to create a standard.

Live may have started as a secondary to the xbox but it was a primary from the xbox R&D days. MS just needed a system in place to make that standard work. Had Sega NOT pulled out, Ms would likely have been the main backbone for the DC and seganet.

MS main goal for online is similar to what they have been doing for PC. Create a platform for others to use and expand upon. They couldnt get it done with sega so they did it themselves. It has certainly improved over the 10 years its been around and has definitely influenced the development of PSN and the remodeling of even Steam.

So, like the AOL analogy, Live has been a pioneer of many ideas and represented a convenience to the consumer for its ease of use. AOL (in its hey-day) was THE service to use if you pretty much didnt know about how to get online. Others who were more savvy obviously circumvented the use of AOL (and others like Prodigy, Compuserve, etc) and went to the web straight through their ISP.

AOL is now a shell of its former self because they were slow to adapt to the changing demands of users. MS has been making changes to live that they feel will better suit the trends and uses of its users. Will Live suffer the same fate as AOL?

From the many transitions live has gone through and the commitment to making live better and better it is uncertain if live will close up shop but it is certain that live will take a more active role in broadening the pc side like it has the console side.
BuLLDoG909  +   1159d ago
people pay for live and get bombarded with advertisements regardless, ms are ripping you people off, like day light robbery.

If the steambox and ps4 both have free2play models, MS need to take heed and stop being so greedy and offer the same.
LOGICWINS  +   1160d ago
LOL, that edit feature is pretty convenient ain't it Mezzo?
Godmars290  +   1160d ago
That would mean charging more then they do now. Create a different service.
B1663r  +   1160d ago
If you align sales to the launch date, the PS3 is now in fourth place, behind the Wii, WiiU, and Xbox 360.
ABizzel1  +   1160d ago
Go find a bridge not a forum.
MysticStrummer  +   1159d ago
How is that, when PS3 has sold nearly the same amount as 360 in a year less time? O.o
BuLLDoG909  +   1159d ago
back up your bs statements with fact or dont speak.
NeverEnding1989  +   1160d ago
PS+ is a terrific deal for gamers and I HOPE Microsoft introduces something similar next gen to compete with the premiuim service.

However, PSN still has a ways to go before it can becomes a social networking tool, as Xbox Live is. The has nothing to do with free rentals.

I'll be finishing out this gen on LIVE, meanwhile, I have no reason to buy PS+ again since I've played those free games :|
ABizzel1  +   1160d ago
I don't see XBL as a "social networking tool" in any kind of way. If anything that's PS Home. XBL has a more vocal audience than PSN simply because MS added that cheap, but essential, headset with every Xbox 360. Sony offers a better option through Blu Tooth, but for some reason the masses seem completely oblivious of that.

Next generation will be completely different for Sony. They know they need to improve their online network, which as the article said was the 360's greatest strength against the PS3.

1. XBL
2. Price
3. Heavy Focus on Co-op and Multiplayer games
4. Exclusives
5. Huge Marketing push (America)

But looking at all the strides Sony's made with PSN now SEN with the PS3, and even features exclusive to the Vita you can see that XBL's online advantage is about gone, and that's coming from the free PSN service alone. PS+ is nothing but huge perks to gamers who are willing to pay.

I'm the exact opposite. $60 for XBL is money I could have spent on a new game. If you've had Live since the Xbox 360's launch you've potentially missed out on 6-7 games ($360 - $420) by the time the next Xbox comes out.

To each their own, but XBL isn't worth it to me. The only reason I still have it is because I'm on a family plan with 3 other relatives making it $25 a year instead of $60.

Nothing against Xbox, but MS SHOULD to come with something better next gen, because XBL just isn't cutting it for many gamers who have both consoles.
ALLWRONG  +   1159d ago
"Xbox Live is Old News" Yet it still remains the most imitated and copied online entertainment service. Xbox Live is responsible for all those apps, marketplace, social gaming, achievements, TV and music you all use on your console. PSN and Trophies will always be known as just a "copy" of Live and Achievements.
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DragonKnight  +   1159d ago
"PSN and Trophies will always be known as just a "copy" of Live and Achievements."

Only to you and your fellow Xbots friend.
sitharrefus  +   1159d ago
I agree and disagree with this, i mean i like xbox live because of the party chat and other features, the ps+ games are nice and yes the online service on xbox is superior but honestly i am hoping the next generation comes with free online.
FunkMacNasty  +   1159d ago
are we seriously STILL talking about this!?
I'm starting to wonder if N4G has a daily quota of "XBL vs. PSN" articles that they are required to meet.

Is this not getting a bit rediculous at this point!?
hadouken007  +   1159d ago
I think your on to something!
Amiroo  +   1159d ago
wow so many Junk fans latley praise Junk+
BrianC6234  +   1159d ago
If they do I hope their customers don't complain as much as people complain on Sony's blog. It's always something on there. Europe gets better games. Where's Red Dead Redemption. Why do we only get crappy fighting games or PSN games. It never ends. Some people think every free game on PS Plus should be something they want.
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1159d ago
Valve will make MS look even worse.
M2-  +   1160d ago
"It is one thing to claim that the PS3 is better than Xbox 360, which is a sometimes forgotten fact"

Stopped reading there. An opinion is not fact.
CommonSenseGamer  +   1160d ago
that quote is almost as dumb as this one:

"PlayStation Network to hold the crown for offering the best network to PS3 and PS Vita owners"

This is like saying Microsoft offer the best network to Xbox owners...duh.
rainslacker  +   1160d ago
Yes...It's very "mind-bottling" isn't it?
FunAndGun  +   1160d ago
Yeah, you know when things are so crazy, you get your thoughts trapped, like in a bottle.

rainslacker  +   1160d ago
Forgetting a fact that never existed is much harder than forgetting an opinion that doesn't match your own.
DigitalRaptor  +   1160d ago
There's a ton of people who swear by Xbox Live and its authority over all other gaming services, but I don't know if charging for P2P online gameplay can stay relevant for much longer.

The truest test would be comparing PS4's network and Xbox 720's network. As it stands I hear that party chat and cross-game chat are like THE major things that set PS3 and 360 apart in terms of online functionality in game.

It's obvious PS4 will have these and more, so the question is what will Microsoft add to XBL next-gen to make it stand alongside something like PS+ as well as what will be a heavily improved online network with PS4? A service that matches PS+? Streaming games perhaps? Microsoft Eco-system integration? (not that XBL needs something like PS+, but I'm sure it will be welcomed to those who are currently only paying for access to online).

It seems Sony is going in this direction too, so it will be interesting to see.
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violents  +   1159d ago
my god, i think you have the least fanboyish comment I've read so far. But I agree, except for the cross game chat, i really dont understand why everyone is so butthurt about that. Frankly when I'm playing a game I dont want to distract myself from the task at hand by talking to someone playing something different. Mabey that's just my problem because lots of other people seem to want it but it just doesnt matter to me.
Ryo-Hazuki  +   1160d ago
Free online with free party chat on PS4 with the option for PS Plus is the way to go next-gen along with STEAM.
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stage88  +   1160d ago
Once PSN is updated for the PS4 a lot of people will wise up and realise paying for these features isn't worth it.
keabrown79  +   1160d ago
I have a strong feeling that PS4 will adopt the live model next gen. Lets hope not thought.
ILive  +   1159d ago
Its not going to, trust me. I think Sony will be doing a huge disservice to themselves if they do and to. Having the Vita to go by, and with more and more people joining Ps+ through the vita and PS3, and since plus is probably going to be available through all playstation enabled devices come next gen, then I don't see that gamer's should worry about this.
violents  +   1159d ago
they already have free video/audio chat with up to like 6 people if you have a ps eye, its just not in game, but i dont really know why you would want to carry on a coversation with people not playing the same game you are, it seems distracting.
MysticalTobi  +   1160d ago
I have a year-long subscription to both.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   1160d ago
Xbox Live is old news? Says who?

Its evident Xbox Live is truly successful this gen if people feel the need to write these kind of articles. Its like the Internet rebels against something successful like Xbox Live. If Xbox Live wasn't successful we wouldn't have articles like these pop up every week.

Just another article that doesn't like Xbox Live OMG I get it. Why are people still complaining about a service they obviously don't pay for? Give it up with these articles your not convincing nobody but the fanboys, not the world.
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League_of_Draven  +   1160d ago
Because XBL is trying to kill gaming. Why bother paying a fee to play a game online when you can play that same game on every other platform? It was $50 and Microsoft decided to bump it up to $60 for some stupid reason like because you can use a free program like Twitter on XBL or because they want to pay Activision for CoD exclusive DLC when not everyone who has XBL plays those games anyway.

Also, GFWL sucks.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   1160d ago
"Because XBL is trying to kill gaming."

Really now? As far as I'm concerned Xbox Live has brought people together for gaming and among other things. Seeing how XBL is a gaming service. I'm not sure if you knew that.

News flash: people don't buy XBL for Twitter and twitter's not on XBL anymore its through the browser. Seriously twitter? If you wanted XBL to discontinue, change whatever it is you want MS to do, comments like yours and many, many others need to be smart and come up with realistic fully thought out and compelling argumentive statements for anything to at least consider change.

Starting off your sentence by saying "Because XBL is trying to kill gaming." is subjective and higly immature sentence.

Come stronger next time.
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rainslacker  +   1160d ago
"Its evident Xbox Live is truly successful this gen if people feel the need to write these kind of articles"

In that same vein that must mean that Sony has been truly successful this gen, if not the most successful it's ever been, what with getting these kinds of articles 5-6 times a day?

Anyhow, on topic:
While I don't normally like doom or fanboyish articles, I do think that MS charging for Live is something they should be called out for. If everyone just goes with the status quo because they've been doing it for so long then things don't get better. While I'm sure many people(apparently 12 million) are willing to pay for XBL, I'm sure they would like to be able to play their games online for free, or do things that the other consoles offer for free. It's an obvious revenue stream for MS, so for them they would be better suited to find a value added proposition, since their competition will likely offer it next gen putting the pressure on MS.

That being said, this article was immature and unnecessary and did nothing to really further the consumer's interest in this matter.
MysticStrummer  +   1159d ago
If attack articles mean success for the attackee, then PS3 and PSN are clearly the winners this gen.
Dark5tar1  +   1160d ago
Yes, it IS old news because people would rather have free clones over the real thing.
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josephayal  +   1160d ago
I love Xbox LIVE and the games it provides online, BUT I'm never buying Xbox Live again, for multiple reasons
MilkMan  +   1160d ago
Agree with author 1 billion percent! This is from a long time, long standing gold member. I'm just waiting for games to be announced for the Wii U so I can jump ship. I'm done with M$$$$$.
iNathan  +   1160d ago
You Know Something is huge and popular When:
1 - Many People hate it
2 - The internet is allways making bad headlines about it
3 - Everyone goes nuts when you speak about it


1 - Apple with Iphone
2 - Windows 8
3 - Kinect for Xbox 360

Opinion : Microsoft should give their users something like Ps+, its an outstanding service no doubt.

Xbox Live is amazing aswell.
calis  +   1160d ago
So Hitler was huge and popular?
Dlacy13g  +   1160d ago a matter of fact Hitler was huge and popular for quite a while in Germany. The Nazi party even had strong roots in the U.S. for a while pre-WW2.

...point of clarification, I don't endorse the Nazi party or anything they stand for. This is just a history lesson.
calis  +   1159d ago
I know he was popular at the beginning. I am talking about the rest of it and using the idiotic logic above.
Sephiroushin  +   1160d ago
PSV is huge and popular, right!
#10.2 (Edited 1160d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
MRMagoo123  +   1159d ago
lol i work in a pc repair store i know for a fact windows 8 is shit so there goes your theory about the huge and popular things getting all the hate, i have had about 94 ppl i think so far come into the store and have windows 7 put on there pc after trying windows 8 and there is a reason for that.
MysticStrummer  +   1159d ago
Funny, since PS3 and PSN are attacked at least as much, if not more, than the examples you listed.
shempo  +   1160d ago
xbox live wooot ????

ps+ hands down
Ben_Grimm  +   1160d ago
I love Live but the PS+ has it beat when it comes to the free game department.

But Live does offer all the same incentives PS+ has. I wouldn't say Live is old news I would say PS+ is now on the same level and maybe a step above Live.
Hicken  +   1159d ago
Which incentives are the same? That instant library you get with Plus is DEFINITELY not the same.

What other incentives are there that PS Plus offers that Live also has?
Ben_Grimm  +   1159d ago
Why don't you get a 360 and find out Hicken.

Again, all you do is demand someone explain things to you like a little child. Do you not work at a game store? Can you not get this information for yourself? Are you seriously this new to gaming?

I have listed the features of Live that I like and compared them to what PS+ has before. Take the time and look for that comment yourself.
eferreira  +   1160d ago
I still don't understand why people pay for online. Your experience isn't anything different from pc, ps3 and wii u. Honestly paying to play online when you already have to pay for an internet provider is ridiculous.
Belking  +   1160d ago
Its also ridiculous to pay for duplicate cable channels, cell phone contracts, and much more but people do. Xbox live has set the standard when it comes to providing content. It started out being the best and it's still the best digital distribution network on a console. Fact.
Reborn  +   1160d ago
Because they do, doesn't make it any less ridiculous.

I would have thought they may eventually, let Silver = play online. Then Gold = play online & other features.
#13.1.1 (Edited 1160d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(4) | Report
Ddouble  +   1160d ago
A lot of people paying for live find it ridiculous as well but all their friends are using live so what they're paying for is worth the price to them because they get to play with their friends.

They could jump ship to the PS3 but if none of their friends are using it then it might not be worth what your saving.

MS caught Sony with their pants down by gaining market share releasing a year in advance as well as having some key features that PSN doesn't so paying for Live was the obvious thing to do for some back then.

Things have changed since then and people can see not only how PSN has improved but also how great PS+ is.

Next gen will be the opportune time for people to jump ship if they want so MS will need to make sure they have the advantage they did this gen to make Live look like it's still worth the asking price but that is harder now with PS+. I think they have something planned but lets see how it goes.
BLAKHOODe  +   1159d ago
Friends is what makes it hard to jump ship. You don't want to start playing PS3, when all your friends are playing Xbox. Until they make the plunge knowing you are playing on PS3 and they'll have somewhere there to interact with, they're going to play it safe and stick to what they know.. Xbox. A friend getting PS3 is one of the reasons I got a PS3. Otherwise, I'd probably still be playing Xbox.
Ddouble  +   1159d ago
Exactly what I'm saying even though I got the disagree's lol. A group of friends may not want to take the plunge now but next gen will be the best time.

Free online, PS+ and Sony's first party offerings will be hard for many to resist.
iNathan  +   1160d ago
Say that to 50 milion people
Good Luck.
Gridloc  +   1160d ago
So now it's 50 million gold subscribers now. Wonder what hole you pulled that number from. Like I've said before again and again, if MS let you play multiplayer for free there would be an all time low for gold subscriptions...
MRMagoo123  +   1159d ago
im pretty sure there is about 12 million at most gold subs.
Alderney  +   1159d ago
Like Sony with PS+ subscribers, Microsoft doesn't release numbers of Xbox Live Gold members.

In 2010 they were quoted as saying about half of XBL are gold members. Applying these stats (the only ones available) means that Xbox Live Gold members number between 20-25 million.
stage88  +   1159d ago
@Bar_Brothers It has been said to 50 million people and they've opted to go with PSN instead. Actually I'm pretty sure it's closer to 80 million. Hope that helps.
Imalwaysright  +   1160d ago
I still dont understand why Valve, Sony and Nintendo can offer free online but MS cant. As far as im concerned Live has always been irrelevant.
Belking  +   1160d ago
It's ok that you don't understand because over 40 million people do understand. As long as Live continues to be the best they will charge. The other services aren't as good. When they become as good or better than live you have a point, but they aren't so........
#15.1 (Edited 1160d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(11) | Report | Reply
Imalwaysright  +   1160d ago
I dont give a shit if 40 million or 100 million people do understand. I dont and never will.

What i do understand is that Steam is BY FAR the best online service on the Industry. Steam's content, community and deals are second to none in the industry and its free. "Fact".
DigitalRaptor  +   1160d ago
Is Xbox Live reallyyy better than Steam, which of course runs on a PC that generally has a lot more flexibility and open standards than XBL? Nope!

A multibillion dollar corporation like Microsoft absolutely don't need your $60 per year to provide what it is that they do, but since it's always been that way, it's not really going to change unless someone makes a good example of how ridiculous it is to charge just for basic online.

Let's face it, if Microsoft announced free online gaming tomorrow, you can be sure that Gold subscriptions would plummet. Why? because most people only pay because they are forced to if they want to get the most out of their games. The whole "it's worth it" statement only comes from a feeling of investment that needs to be justified since you've never been given a choice.

To me, it's MORE about choice you give than just about the quality of a service.


And are there 40 million GOLD members? I'm not sure there are that many.
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Eyeco  +   1159d ago
It's funny you mention steam , because it is the best online service in the industry and it is for free,

So a question to XBL users , what's gonna happen next year when the Valve console launches with superior free online ? Or what about the Ps4 guaranteed cross game chat, free online as well as the optional £10-30 PS+ ? What are you gonna be paying Microsoft for ? Aren't you gonna feel fished paying for a service that the competition offers free , and in Valves case a superior service for free?

You can only justify XBL for so long
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BitbyDeath  +   1159d ago
'And are there 40 million GOLD members? I'm not sure there are that many.'

According to the article Logic posted it was around 12 million gold members last year, so now it could be up as high as 15 million.

Although gaining 3 million in a year is very unlikely.
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Alderney  +   1159d ago
Until Valve or Sony can do better, online console gaming is best done on Xbox Live.

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Jek_Porkins  +   1160d ago
It's been a couple of weeks since we had one of these articles, just surprised we got one when Xbox Live cards DOUBLED in sales from last year.

Guess when you need hits you can always go with the PSN+ Vs XBL argument, or Vita is dead, Microsoft vs Sony or any other number of ridiculous hit inducing articles.
SlowBurn  +   1160d ago
would you pay extra for hot coffee or cold beer?
if so,we have the online service for you.
ghostrider32  +   1160d ago
The feud between PS3 and 360 owners is old news.
hennessey86  +   1159d ago
There are those of us
Who never got involved in this pathetic argument
TheBatman_Fanatic  +   1159d ago
Thank you!
lfclee  +   1160d ago
Call yourselves gamers your all fanboys, you fanboys are killing console gaming thousands of console gamers are heading toward the pc-gaming scene why fanboyism so shut it.
SOULJER  +   1160d ago
OK. This argument again. Realistically no one wants to pay for anything another individual gets for free. That is just reality. Please stop trying to protect that. Microsoft representatives don't like doing that, and that's their job. It's like telling a raucous robber or rapist Thank you. I enjoyed that. Please come again. Literally. LOL. Don't hit the face.
A LIVING LEGEND  +   1159d ago
The Live/Psn debate has been decided for years imo,
convince yourself,not me.
THE_MACGREGOR  +   1159d ago
i have a 360.. my friends have a 360 the games i play are on xbox i use xbl and have for 7 years. My choice is Justified. Do i care what you do on your console ... Nope!
why is this even on here ?
rapidturtle  +   1159d ago
Sony just needs to launch the PS4 along side the nextbox, and make Killzone multiplayer as good as Halo, keep the PSN free and keep giving great content for PS+. This will force Microsoft's hand in the next gen to make Xbox live free, and if they want to charge us a fee, give us content like PSN+.
sdplisken  +   1159d ago
only idiots pay to use their own internet connection IMO
Playstation4LyFe  +   1159d ago
Couldn't have said it better myself
okmrman  +   1159d ago
so ironic you are calling them idiots. i guess everything on the internet should be free then, since you pay for internet

netflix should be free too, hulu plus should be free too
omg. why do idiots pay for netflix when the internet is free!!! heck why should they pay for psn plus, it's on the frikking internet!!!!

Playstation4LyFe  +   1159d ago
XBL users get nothing but overpriced pay to play online... why?, because microsoft can make a ton of money off of it, and "everyone is doing it" so, all the blind consumers pay the 60 bucks for the year, multiply that by 35 Million + people and you're a billionaire. What a scam... should be getting netflix free thru xbl and a free game every month at LEAST.
InsaneGam3r  +   1159d ago
I'd rather pay for PSN. PSN Is so bad
strigoi814  +   1159d ago
you need to pay to play online on xbox live..where in sony you can play free..and ps+ is optional and they give you free games every month plus vita games if you have a vita for less than $50?? So which one is better? I guess there is no way you can defend xboxlive from what sony is offering..what chat again?? Lolz

Oh yah you are already paying the internet..then MS will use you as a server..and you will be loaded with too much how relevant is the xboxlive nowadays??
#26 (Edited 1159d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
StreetsofRage  +   1159d ago
Seriously? I spend more money at a lounge than a year of Xbox Live.

Party Chat is where it's at for me and well worth it. When Sony can have that for free, than you have an argument.
raytraceme  +   1159d ago
ps vita nuff said?
Septic  +   1159d ago
You conveniently forgot about the PS£, which, if I recall correctly, doesn't even allow you to send voice messages that the ORIGINAL XBOX did.

Pretty sad if you ask me.
RuleofOne343  +   1159d ago
I never understood these articles , but the thing that bothers me is why do people, feel like they need to try to suede people to follow them or do as they do. My things is if a person likes paying & enjoys the service leave them be , if you like getting free stuff then have a blast.
th3n00bg4m3r  +   1159d ago
I don't hate Xbox live. It is the best online service on consoles, but the thing that drives me insane is that i have to get an Xbox Live Gold in order to play online. Microsoft, keep the 50 dollars price tag, but let me able to play online without the need of Xbox Live Gold.
Neo-Axl  +   1159d ago
Just got PS+ again, Batman Arkham City!
If anything, get a PS+ card for christmas, unbelievable value.
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