Xbox 360 - "I'm still alive"

Geekpulp looks at how things are shaping up for the Xbox 360 in 2008. Though many believe the PS3 have a chance of shooting ahead in the HD console war, Geekpulp looks at the situation in light of the Microsoft GDC keynote. Geekpulp writes: "The recent GDC in San Diego has shown that the 360 is still alive and kicking. Lets look at the developments that have been revealed that will ensure the 360 not only has a fighting chance but a shot at dominating another year."

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MikeMichaels3657d ago

3 game announcements for titles we already knew were coming and a youtube type of homebrew thingy.

Aren't we all sitting at one of those right now, AKA our PC's and i don't care about those kind of games now.

I wanna see something new and actually innovative to show me MS can handle Sony's onslaught this year.

Packet3657d ago

Microsoft simply does not have the internal developer studios to be able to come out with a comparable number of big exclusive games as Sony or even Nintendo. Microsoft only has around four internal 360 developers compared with ten Nintendo and 20 for Sony.

There just aren't going to be large numbers of exclusive 360 games coming out other than PC games getting 360 only versions.

For whatever reason Microsoft has not spent the seven years or so they've been in the console market building up their first party developer lineup. It is way too late to start now to make any significant difference almost 2.5 years into the 360's life.

Gina-get-u3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

@ Packet:

MS is not building up its internal game development capacity anymore because they do not have the corporate culture to do it well and they know it. They let Bungie go for that very reason. They also closed down Digital Anvil, Fasa, Beep, Studio Gigante etc. because MS had to face up to the fact that they could not develop good games in-house no matter how much money they throw at their studios (i.e. Rare).

MS' current approach is to outsource development of exclusive content to external studios. Look at the exclusives announced thus far: NG2, Too Human, Gears 2 - all by external developers with excellent reputations. The only internal exclusive is Fable 2. This current approach is theoretically capable of yielding more exclusive games with better quality for less cost than staffing internal studios.

Having said all that, the question is, why isn't there more? If MS is not buying studios, where is it investing its money? Why are there only 4 exclusives that we know about thus far? There had better be more on the way or the 360 lead won't last the year.

iAmPS33657d ago

Of course the 360 is alive, but it's still not gonna put up a big fight against the PS3, the PS3 is just a better choice.

mikeslemonade3657d ago

It's always cheaper to buy out a small low budget first party and make them grow and over time they will be a good developer. Sony has done that over the 13 years with Zipper, Incognito,Insomniac, Naughty Dog, Polyphony, etc. and the list goes on. Microsoft buys rights to the "now" the EAs, the Rockstars, the Epics, etc. and those cost a lot of money. And instead of growing there internal studios they let them leave like Bungie, Bioware, and the developer for PGR. Microsoft philsophy is flawedd for this reason because normally every generation there's a new hot game. PS1 was Final Fantasy, PS2 was GTA, and PS3 generation will be something different it won't be GTA4 I can gurantee you that right now.

godofthunder103657d ago

i don't understand why people care about a console selling more then the other because they want receive any money ,hell they want even recieve a thank you.the 360 and ps3 will continue to sell well like it or not but it's the truth not some fanboy talking.i know that my post is ling but i only could post one time because ps3 fan don't like me because think that the 360 is a good system and the 360 fans don't like me because i think that the ps3 is a good system,but i want pick one side and lie about one system just to get a bubble.
sony and microsoft only care about selling consoles and they will lie to do it,sony lied about the p2 when it came out,they showed a clip of a game and said that it was the actual game play but the truth was leaked later and it wasn't even the actually game play.
when people start fighting over what system will sell more is just pathetic,they act as if their life depend on their system selling more then the other but the truth is that's it childish.
instead of worring if their system selling more then the other they need to just enjoy the games because the other system doesn't concern them one bit.
people need to face the facts,as long as people want to play games the 360 and ps3 is here to stay.all this talk about the 360 failing because br won is just stupid.people want to play games more then watch a movie on their system and microsoft doesn't own hd like a lot of people think,microsoft was just supporting hd and the reason they didn't put it in the 360 was because they wanted to wait to see who won before they did it.
sony doesn't really own br they are the ones who's pushing it because they have the power to.the truth is that br has more owners then just sony.just look at vhs,cds,and dvds, people doesn't even know who own them,hell they don't even know who was the main company pushing them.look at sony they was pushing beta against vhs,and they went against other formats and lost but they still use the formats that won.
some people are saying that sony will never let microsoft use br and it's just stupid talk.first sony want be able to stop microsoft from using it because they can't just say who could and can't because they don't have the power to do it by them selfs.the second reason is because it will hurt sony more then microsoft because microsoft is a software company first and sony is a hardware could just go back to just software with no problem but sony uses a lot of microsoft software in their products like computers,camera and other products.
i'm glad that we have a winner in the format war so we could see if it will sell like dvds,i think that even if hd would have won it will be hard to sell like dvds because dvd sells been dropping ever years for the last 4 to 5 years but i hope it does because i'm a movie collector and the pictures are great on br.what i'm trying to say that i'm glad that we have a winner because in another 3 years when the new xbox comes out it will have a br drive in it and by that time we will need it for games.
the 360 and ps3 are both damn good systems,hell about %97 of games are on both systems and they both have a few exclusives and some are good and bad and that's a fact.i know that people think that we need br for games now but the truth is that we don't.i know that the 360 have a few games that have more then one disc but so did the ps2 and ps fans didn't complain then.look at it this way.the 360 came out over 2 years ago and about %98 of the games on it only have one dic,i know that ps3 fans will say that games like uncharted on the ps3 will never fit on one dis and they are right,but if they take off all the different languanges that's on the game then it will.
if people want to enjoy all the good games then they will have to own both systems,for exsample the 360 have gears of war 2 coming out and the ps3 have killzone 2 coming out on it and they both will be big sellers and great people need to just enjoy the system they have and play their games and just don't worry and fight over the other system because it doesn't really concern them.

rubarb233657d ago

for all those ps fanboys who are basically saying the ps3 will pwn the 360 this year, i just have to laugh at them. yes, thus far the ps3 has shown alot more exclusives for 2008, but let me ask you guys this: what's the point of taunting your exclusive games, if you guys don't buy games?
just look thus far at some of your titles - drake, rachet anyone? i mean, i've played both these games and they're really good yet they get no love from their ps owners? i mean wtf? look at COD 4, 360 pwn ps3 version 3 - 1 or something like that.
ps fanboys defend the ps3 yet they don't support it?
weird if you ask me, or it just adds to the fact that most people buy the ps3 as a blu ray player. software charts released thus far confirms this. hardly anything on the ps3 is on the top ten list, if any.
the reason i say the 360 will pwn ps3 this year is because 360 owners actually buy games. software sells hardware.
SO FAR, yes the ps3 has more announced exclusive, but something tells me soon ms will start announcing their games.maybe at e3. as weird as it sounds, i think it's probably ms's strategy to i guess first see what your opponents hand has first and then you show yours ftw.

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Iron Man 23657d ago

Dark Sniper is sure you are...NOT!

Gears Of War 2 which is multiplatform and will be coming out for PC(superior version BTW)will not be enough to save the XBOX 360 in 2008

Gamers will know which console to pick when the time comes,and that console will be PLAYSTATION®3


JasonPC360PS3Wii3657d ago

Running out of bubbles on your "other" account?

DarkSniper3657d ago

Dark Sniper has a leigon of Sony Snipers that spans across America, Europe, Japan, Australia and beyond. Being the single most infulential member on N4G, it's imminent that Dark Sniper will have many imposters that idolize and emulate the work he does. For your PLAYSTATION® 3 needs, please refer to the DarkSniper with no spaces between the letters and ends with an R. Any other Dark Sniper is an imposter.


Iron Man 23657d ago

I'm Wario420,not the original DarkSniper,I just love DarkSniper's work,I will be going back to being Wario420 so ppl will stop complaining about DarkSniper having multiple accounts,BTW Jason 360,your the one with the multiple accounts Jason 360/GITPWNED/GETPWNED so stfu!

DarkSniper3657d ago

Dark Sniper agrees. Git,GETpwned and Jason360 more than likely share duplicate accounts. Dark Sniper prays to the heavens above that he is dealt with accordingly for these violations.


CallOfWar223657d ago

The original gears was superior on the 360. Better graphics don't make a game superior. Get that through ur heads morons. Gears is a kind of game that a mouse and keyboard will not do justice to. Thats wat majority of PC gamers use. Sure better accuracy. But the controls just feel better on the 360 controller. N for the people who say 360 and pc games dont mean exclusive to Microsoft. Actually they do cuz PC doesn't count as a council. Even if u consider it a council, it takes up a really small percentage of the gaming market. Its called da big three not the big 4. 360 doesn't have any big hitters? O plz and Killzone 2 and Resistance are gonna be big hitters? Gears 1 out did both those originals. Gears is the next halo, do u not realize that? Halos dead and Gears had taken its place. before all u morons used to say, Xbox only has Halo. Now ur saying Xbox only has Gears. What does PS3 have that has had such a huge following like Halo and Gears? Definetly not the MGS games or Resistance or Killzone. It was actually GTA. And now they have lost that timely exclusive as well. and also GTA 4 will be even better on 360. Eat that bia**h

GETPWNED3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

DarkSniper, you're dumb. I'm me. No one else. I only make a new GETGITGOTPWNED name when it runs out of bubbles cuz of all u braindead sony droids taking my bubbles away for no reason. like u always do... u just GOTPWNED!!!!

Fat Bastard3657d ago

Harry Potter knows that this article is untrue, and that You Know What is already dead. He asks you all to think of a single thing that will keep You Know What alive for another year. Harry Potter knows that the domination of blu ray will lead to even larger Playstation 3 sales. He knows that all the mudblood filth who think otherwise are probably pissed because they work in McDonalds and have no babes like Hermione or Ginny to keep them happy.

Avada Kedavra!

Pain3656d ago

will get Gears 1 for it when its out, No M$ OS needed.

@getpwned when you make your new account can you please NOT use that Pedophile pic? its disturbing.

Aleusia3656d ago

GETPWNED we take them away because you're a creepy f4ggot, now get the f*ck off my board.

GETPWNED3656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

No problem. I actually have a "better" Av waiting ;)

@ aloser, stfu, homo.

thekingofMA3656d ago

you are a freakin loser-that is all

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PStriple7033657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

lmao, these make great cup holders

Iron Man 23657d ago

They also make great coffee tables as well


MaximusPrime3657d ago

or make great scrambled egg.

Mikelarry3657d ago

no i shouldnt be loling i got a 360 but my ps3 tells me its ok to lol

i Shank u3657d ago

so i cant get a cupholder for ps3? why the fvck would i want one then?

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mintaro3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

i saw no reason why it would be considered "dead", after all there are still alot of games coming out for it this year, albeit not quite the heavy hitters of the PS3

EDIT: for those of you who disagreed with me, please state your reasoning, as i fail to see what there is to disagree with

sock merchant3657d ago

I own both consoles and it is in my benifit for both to do really well this year. But looking through my reality glasses it looks like while the xbox 360 already has a proven record...the same cannot yet be said for the ps3. they had some really cool games but in far too limited quantities. Stoked for LBP and Resistance 2, but never been a big MGS fan. and Killzone 1 blew baby chunks so they have a lot to prove to me. We'll see though.

Mikelarry3657d ago

@ sock im on the same boat as u. i own both consoles as well and i really want both that have a fantastic year. it seems to fully games you have to have atleast two consoles. Game on ppl

IntelligentAj3657d ago

What exactly is wrong with Killzone. I just finished playing the game and I think it was a pretty good game. Not a Halo killer but a damn good game.

witchking3656d ago

GDC was a good starting point for MSFT. They need to talk about their 2008 games, and they are beginning to have a lineup worthy of discussion: Too Human, Banjo, Fable 2, NG2, Gears of War... not bad... but again, at least 3 of these are M-rated and therefore going to be hard to push the "parents buying consoles for their kids" phenom.

LBP might very well have that level of appeal for the PS3 this year.

Personally, I think the 360 will have an okay year, but the PS3 is gonna outsell it worldwide. The 360 comes into the year with a 7m unit lead, but will likely end the year only up by 3-4m units.

2009 will be a battleground as PS3 will try to end '09 by taking over the 2nd spot. And no one is gonna catch the Wii any time soon, though I still have no earthly idea why people are buying this thing. My kids wanted one, and it sits there gathering dust while they play GH3 on the 360.

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