The Creators of Dark Souls II Want to Make The Series More “Understandable.” What Should They Do?

Kotaku - In an interview in the December issue of Edge Magazine, one of the new directors for Dark Souls II says that the sequel will be more "understandable." In Edge's comments section, initial reaction to that word has not been kind.

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MariaHelFutura2019d ago

The only thing I want is an actual pause button.

Max Power2019d ago

Boo, that's my favorite part of the game that makes it difficult. No breaks. No breathers. No "Oh crap! I am going to die with this layout, let me change it real quick, and lets heal why I am at it."

MariaHelFutura2019d ago

No. No. No. Keep the inventory the way it is. I have children, sometimes I have to pause the game. I need a pause button. Kids don't care if you're playing Demon/Darksouls or not. When they need you, they need you.

dredgewalker2019d ago

I do hope that "understandable" doesn't mean "more casual" cause my own dark soul will rise from my body and wreak havoc in my neighborhood if it did. I also hope that Mika isn't one your children :P

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RickHiggity2019d ago

What MarialHelFutura said. As much as we would all love to sit around all day and play games, some of us have responsibilities.

pixelsword2019d ago

"I do hope that 'understandable' doesn't mean 'more casual'"

No, it actually means "How do I get more people to buy the game who like stories without shelling out a ton of bucks on dialogue?"

Temporary2018d ago

Add a pause button and I wouldnt enjoy it as much anymore. It's one of its defining characteristics.

Opiumunkey2018d ago

You dont need a pause button, just quit the game, it saves automatically and goes back to the title screen. When you want to continue load up your character and you're at the same point you left. Quick and easy.

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PhoenixRising372019d ago

Dark Souls had a big underlying story that had to be discovered through the NPCs. In Dark Souls 2, i think it would be cool if designers had a bigger story that was given to you up front. If the designers manage to make the environments as impressive as 1, I will be blown away. Dark Souls 1 will be very hard to top in terms of environmental design. I didn't have a map but still knew where i was going even though i had only been through the areas once.

TopDudeMan2019d ago

As far as environments go, I'd just be happy if they kept the same sort of variation in levels. You could play anywhere from a war-torn city to an abandoned library/prison to an underground city to fake snowy mountain. There was just so much variation in setting crammed into dark souls.

Bimkoblerutso2019d ago

Yeah, I was going to say the same thing. They don't necessarily need to change the format or add a bunch of crappy cutscenes, but if the dialog with the NPC's could be fleshed out a bit I think that would help a lot.

In fact I think if the NPC's were fleshed out in general, it could help a lot. There were a lot of really creepy, weird characters in Dark Souls that didn't get to spread their wings beyond the purpose they served within the game (ie, merchants, blacksmiths, fire keepers, etc.).

TopDudeMan2019d ago

I've just been arguing that exact point on my blog. :)

PhoenixRising372019d ago

If From Software adds checkpoints then the whole gaming world is gonna explode and riots will ensue. From would never hear the end of it.

TheDivine2018d ago

Both Souls games had checkpoints. DS had archstone stuff with the sword in 1-1, 1-2, 1-3 exc. DkS had the bonfires which people bitched about until they acually played it. I say trust them as theyve done right by us so far. If they casualize it then we'll go from there.

MysticStrummer2019d ago

What do checkpoints have to do with being understandable?

ZBlacktt2019d ago

People would be less frustrated and more interested in continuing on. Can't understand when you have to replay over and over.... then say forget it.

Godmars2902019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

Oh boy. Sounds like they're want to make it more "accessible" to the general public.

Hope they don't do like many have before this gen and forget about/insult their fanbase. The people who'd buy a sequel automatically.

Nexgensensation2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

then maybe you would get an idea of what dark souls 2 should be about?

also; should an artist trust in himself for artistic suggestions or should he/she rely on the internet to see what the next story is going to be about....

idkmaybe the developers just doent see video games as art

pixelsword2019d ago

Yeah; I wanna access that broken pillar with the Giants.

Nexgensensation2018d ago

its like dark souls copy demon souls and made a good game. noow dark souls is at front for there next game and tsk tsk tsk.... they have no idea!

if the developer want an idea that will truly stand the test of time send me a private message cuz this is ridiculous

the new director for dark souls is a mit romney he dont know anything about being a gamer!

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