Sphero Glide, Pilotwings 64 Inspired That Uses Its Own Controller: Funded

Sphero Glide saw successful completion of its Kickstarter campaign this weekend reaching their goal of $10,000. Sphero Glide, developed by the Graika brothers, is a Pilot Wings inspired flight sim for mobile. The unusual thing about Sphero Glide is that it uses a unique controller, a robotic ball that is used to correctly navigate your glider around the sky and to its objectives.

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Snookies122019d ago

Oh... Phones...

Man, I remember when phones use to be about calling people. Now that's the least used feature lol.

Neckbear2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

Hell no. Phones were all about playing Snake, man. And before that, a murder weapon.

Snookies122019d ago

I never got Snake on my phone in the past, it was too cheap lol!