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2013 Most Anticipated - #22 Prey 2

One Hit Pixel: "Editor’s Note: We’ve chosen our twenty-five most anticipated games of 2013 from an extension list of confirmed and almost certain releases for next year. Having each voted for the games on the list and then processing the results through a methodical algorithm we’re here to bring you the results. We’ll take a look at what we know about each game, plus the reasons the team voted for each title, with an article every day until the end of the year - when we’ll reveal our most anticipated game of 2013. To see all previous games in this feature, visit the dedicated stream." - Link on the page. (PC, Prey 2, PS3, Xbox 360)

SolidGear3  +   858d ago
Hell yes. I can't wait until this releases!
mananimal  +   858d ago
I was really really lookin forward to this game, now its in limbo kinda, there seems to be some uncertainty as to whether this game is actually gonna come out next year, if at all.

If its still being produced, the question in my mind is...."What kind of changes are being made?"
I would have rather had Prey 2 go in the direction of an actual continuation, or pick up where Prey 1 left off.

Having said that, I did grow to like the direction of Prey 2 with the whole bounty hunter story line, now will just have to wait & see what happens with this game, if there's no new info on Prey 2 by at least E3 2013, then Id say my fears have been confirmed & Prey 2 is no more.

We shall see.
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